Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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Prius Online: English Version Is Coming Spring 2011! “Like” It On Facebook And Win An Epic Mount

Prius Online: English Version Is Coming Spring 2011! “Like” It On Facebook And Win An Epic MountJust a quick notice: Prius Online English version, which is being made by GPotato, has a promo website right here. And it says the following: “Coming Spring 2011. Be one of First 10,000 people to “Like” us and win an Epic Mount for free!”. Did you get that? Spring 2011! Don’t know about you, but i’m getting the Epic Mount ASAP! The Prius Online Facebook page also mentions the epic mount give-away. (more…)

Cities XL: Online Game Surviving In Offline World

Cities XL: Online Game Surviving In Offline WorldCities XL 2011 (my MonteCristo) is out and already selling on Steam Store, I’ve got myself a 50%-off copy and then i thought: wait there, this is an interesting example for my blog! The thing is, that Cities XL was released back in 2009 as the first online city building game. The easiest way ever to describe this game is to say “it’s like SimCity, just online” – which isn’t a very detailed description, indeed. Also, this is one of the first examples of how a game can combine offline gameplay with an MMO part (yes, i do remember about Conan – that’s why i said “ONE of the first examples”). The game’s success is somewhat doubtful, because it worked in online mode for only half a year, but they released 2011 version, which indicates that the game sold well enough to continue it. So, how did it worked? (more…)

Know-How: Game Design and Player Manipulation – Part 3

Know-How: Game design and player manipulationIt’s been quite a pause after i wrote
part 1 and part 2, it’s time for a new part in this story! For those who just have joined us, I’m talking about game design here – the one based on behavioral psychology (which is all about how people are acting in different situations and why). If you think that such a complex thing has nothing to do with the games we play, you are dramatically wrong – if you play a game (almost any game these days) – you’re seeing behavioral game design up close. So it’s very useful for you as a player to know how exactly it’s working – because it’s that what makes those kooks who play MMOs play until they drop out of work, college and human life, and also because you’ll find out why Final Fantasy XIV sucks on a whole new level!


Lime Odyssey: Preview – First Thoughts Based On Korean Beta Test Responses

Lime Odyssey: Preview - First Thoughts Based On Korean Beta Test ResponsesI have seen a huge boost in incoming visitors after posting about
Lime Odyssey being scheduled for release by Aeria Games. To tell the truth, I’ve totally missed out this game – had not played it in either closed or open beta, and barely even heard of it before Aeria came out of the shadows. So, I’ve done some digging around Korean and Japanese forums and blogs to make up for my unawareness, and here is an averaged out opinion of those who had played it during Korean beta testing phases, combined with my own opinion, based on videos, screenshots and available information. Consider it a preview, because, like, who else will tell us about it, other than beta-testers? Beta-testers do not lie (Square Enix is learning to understand that now). (more…)

ARGO Online: A Hybrid Between Steampunk And Fantasy MMORPG

Here comes another foreign game I’d like to play – ARGO Online. It has been released in Korea just recently and raised a lot of hype, because this game combines both fantasy and steampunk settings in one world.


Rift: Planes of Telara: Beta Keys Giveaway At Curse!

Rift: Planes of Telara: Beta Keys Giveaway At Curse!Rift: Planes of Telara is a fantasy MMORPG by Trion Worlds, set in a world that is constantly torn by dimensional rifts, which are playing important role in the game’s unique dynamic events system. Currently, the game is reaching a beta stage, and is giving away Rift: Planes of Telara Beta Keys, so you don’t miss them out! You have to register a Curse and Trion accounts first, then grab your key and apply for Rift Beta Weekends at Trion’s website. Actually, these keys won’t give you a guaranteed beta access, but it’s said that they will significantly raise your chances to be chosen for one of the Rift beta weekends. I just registered, have to keep crossing fingers now! See Beta Weekends schedule under the cut. (more…)

Lime Odyssey: Aeria Games Reveals A New MMO Title Developed By Some Of The Ragnarok Online Team Members

Lime Odyssey: Aeria Games Reveals A New MMO Title Developed By Some Of The Ragnarok Online Team Members

What they say: “Aeria Games is excited to be working with Sirius Entertainment on the launch of Lime Odyssey,” said Lan Hoang, CEO of Aeria Games. “The Sirius team has, for the last few years, poured their hearts and souls into the development of Lime Odyssey and the final result is a beautiful, well-balanced MMORPG, with a unique combination of rich role-playing features and robust gameplay. We expect it to be one of the best games of 2011.Underlined by me. Come on, robust gameplay and Aeria Games in the same paragraph?! They must be living in a parallel world where people still buy such blatant and lame advertising. Double /facepalm, indeed. Also, there are people from Ragnarok Online development team working on this title. Check the screenshots under the cut. (more…)

Fallen Earth: November State Of The Game Published Today

Fallen Earth: November State Of The Game Published Today Fallen Earth is a Pay to play Sci-Fi PVP MMORPG by Fallen Earth, LLC (a division of Icarus Studios), set in a Fallout-like post-catastrophic world where Earth became a wasteland after a devastating world-wide virus epidemic and several nuclear strikes. The game had a pretty rough time lately, involving several design flaws and declining player base, and part of the development/management team were discharged from their positions.So, November State of the Game was published today at the Fallen Earth forums (you can read it here), where developers talk of the upcoming changes to the game. Besides a new area they’re going to open soon, they mention “noticeable upgrades to graphics”, “new lighting and terrain changes” and also about remake of the tutorial. I think, it a good sign! (more…)

iPad Online Games: Castle Craft Review

iPad Online Games: Castle Craft ReviewI recently got an iPad and found out there are some games for it involving online play, i named a few here. I’ve already reviewed Aurora Feint 3 here, have to finish the business with those other games. CastleCraft is an fantasy PVP MMORTS by Freeverse, Inc. and (supposedly) compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I liked the graphics and the fantasy idea as a whole, but i was put on guard by several reviews blaming this game for non-existent customer support and myriads of annoying bugs. I can totally confirm both these points. And it’s really a shame, because if Freeverse ever fixes the critical bugs and starts listening to player base’s problems, then Castle Craft would become a fine game indeed. (more…)

Ace Online: Early 2008 Advertisement Is A Copy Of Mazda MX-5 2007 Campaign? Pretty much…

Ace OnlineAlong with other stuff I’m currently playing Ace Online. It’s a free-to-play space shooter sci-fi pvp mmorpg – ship flying mechanics is a lot like the one in Freelancer, where you point where to fly and to shoot with a mouse and use keyboard for additional options. You may know this game under different names – Space Cowboy Online, Ace Online International, AirRivals or even Phi Doe (if you’re Vietnamese, that’s it :). Ace Online title came out re-released somewhere in 2008, so came the new ads for the game (i think it was before Suba Games got it). I find it amusing that the advertisement they used in 2008, for example, for Korean and Thailand versions is almost an exact copy of earlier Mazda MX-5 2007 campaign. I thought, I’d share with you the pics. (more…)

Atlantica Online: Raises “Game Over” Sign Pretty High – Because Atlantica is Taken Over By Nexon America

Atlantica Online: Raises “Game Over” Sign Pretty High – Because Atlantica is Taken Over By Nexon AmericaA grave news have reached my ears: Atlantica Online is taken over by Nexon America since this month. The transfer is being made due to nDoors’ (previous Atlantica Online publisher since 2008) is acquired by Nexon Corporation. Probably, every AO player knows by now that nDoors (and its customers too, obviously) had suffered from a very poor customer service and of poorly thought out actions they have taken against the game’s community will. Now, Nexon is here to take care of everyone… Is it good or bad? I dare to say, it’s very-very-very bad… Why? Oh well…


Chick Geek Games is 1 Month Old!

Chick Geek Games is one month old!When i wrote “a fresh online games blog” i really meant it’s *fresh*, because my first month of blogging just have finished. I want to thank every one of you for coming to read me and for subscribing to my blog :) It really matters. I know that sometimes i write a post and everyone is reading it, and sometimes there is a lack of “now, that’s interesting, i want to read it!” posts – things like that happen, but I’m determined to do my best and keep you people interested in Chick Geek Games :) Would be helpful, if you left a few comments, though. Okay, i’m here not to make you bored, so there’s some monthly statistics, but it’s behind the cut. (more…)

Lucent Heart: Gameplay Trailer

Ohmigod, this thing actually even has some kind of a gameplay there!

You can see the hilarious preview trailer here. I can tell it has a whole bunch of “social” animations like dances for two persons, hugs, etc. Feels like Perfect World have a chance to begin getting nervous.

I mean, PW used at some point its own social animations (two character on one horse, one character holds another, etc.) animations as a selling point, especially for Russian release.

Lucent Heart is a “fantasy dating mmorpg” and, obviously, highly inspired by manga/anime. I assume, “dating features” of this game is targeted at eastern audience (as it’s already quite popular in Asia), but what would come out of releasing it for western world, that is a mystery to me. Besides dating Lucent Heart provides standard mmo features like classes, quests, raids, etc. No beta date is provided yet, but the game is supposed to be released during the 2010 holiday season.

About me – Chick Geek Pics Revealed, Yay! :)

About Chick GeekThis is the page that i, probably, had to post several weeks ago, but i was unsure if this blog was going to make it past its first weeks. Like, i could get bored, or you would refuse to read it, whatever. As far as i know, there are people who follow Chick Geek Games and those who subscribed to my RSS, so i am sure someone read this :) I want to apologize to you, ladies and gentlemen, for staying in vain for so long. Because, i know how people think – who the hell are you and why should i keep reading this unknown person? The Internet is about connection between people, not about anonymity anymore. So, here’s “About me” page, meet me there and maybe we can be friend :) (Look me in the eyes, you feel sleepy.. lol :)


A wild Russian forest, yes!My name is Nina, i was born and still live in South region of Russian Federation (well, technically it was USSR back then, because i was born in 1985), between Azov and Black seas. If you, like many other Americans or Europeans think that Russia is a vast cold place, it is actually not, there are even palms growing in just a 6-hour-ride away from my place!

As i write this, i am 25 years old and I’ve been a gamer for almost my whole life. My dad worked with computers, so the first computer I’ve seen was an USSR clone of Apple, he brought it home back in 1989. In 1993 I’ve got my first own 286 PC, which was highly unnatural for a Russian kid, especially a girl. Since then i play games, practically, any games except for a sport-themed ones. I had 486, and then a whole assortment of different Pentiums. My hobbies away from PC are photography and diving. I like travelling, so both of these hobbies fit in nicely :)

Photography is one of my hobbies. But i like being photographed too! And don't look on the small camera in my hands, i moved to the big ones long ago!

Besides PC games i also owned a Chinese/Russian clone of NES and had a collection of several hundreds of cartridges – unfortunately, it was stolen from me in 1997. I had Sega MegaDrive (aka Sega Genesis), but i lost my collection of Sega games too (we had to sell it during our Russian “Great Depression” of 1998). Right now i own Wii (bought it just because of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 :), PS 2 (my husband’s unit), PS 3 and PSP. Online games came into my life relatively late, less than 6 years ago – i played Eve Online on dial-up in 2004, but it was too laggy, and ADSL started to appear only in 2005.

I have 1,5 high educations – first, Applied Informatics in Economics, that i did not finish because higher mathematics and relational database theory had totally beaten me in fluff and dust. But i know the basics of programming and algorithm theory. My second education is Advertising, (currently preparing to write a diploma work) and advertising these days is all about tricking people into thinking and doing something that the seller wants them to think and to do. A lot of this stuff i see implemented into games, and being a gamer i’m highly interested in finding ways to defend from all this shit they pour on us every day.

This is me :)

Trolls at blame me for “positioning myself like a female gamer is something rare, which is not”. Well now, a lot of girls in USA and Europe play games, write programs and administrate networks, it’s nothing unusual. But on this side of the world thing like that are very rare and in my society i’m considered like a total geek. When i studied programming, our group was full of girls, but no one of them owned a PC or knew that when you want to burn some files to CD, you have to burn the files and not their shortcuts – they just wanted to have a high education in their portfolios, it did not matter which one. Girls also rarely play online games, so i am a geek on every side here :) That’s why i chose this name for this blog.

Prius Online / Anima Online – Emotional MMORPG

Prius Online / Anima Online - Emotional MMORPGPrius Online (also known as Anima Online) by CJ Internet is the first “emotional mmo” out there. They called it emotional because the standard pet system we have in every game out there had received a tremendous boost here, so you don’t just own a pet, you must raise it and take care. And instead of some animal pet you have a girl called Anima, with her own needs and something that we can count as basic personality (in long-term your actions form her character – she will respond according to how you treat her). It’s already released for Japan and Taiwan, and is currently being translated to English. The game has a beautiful graphics (look behind the cut for the screenshots and gameplay video) and very interesting gameplay. (more…)

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