Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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8-bit MMOs – A Nostalgic Gig You can’t miss out!

8-bit MMOs – A Nostalgic Gig You can’t miss out!8-bit MMOs. That was bound to happen, sooner or later. Most of the “grown-ups” today were raised on 8bit games made back in 80s and even late 70s, and as they grow older, nostalgia for old games hits a whole generation. And while those kids born into a world of 3D shooters, World of Warcraft and handheld gaming platforms wouldn’t at first understand the earning for outdated, pixilated and primitive graphics, still the world turns around to face the classic-style games. And here they come: massively multiplayer games made in 8-bit 256 color graphics. (more…)

The Gamer Cat Video Review: Cat Toys for iPad

I wanted to do this for a loooong time, and since i now have an iPhone, here it comes – the first video review by the Gamer Cat!

In this video, the Gamer Cat is reviewing Cat Toys, an iPad game made specifically for cats.

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Hidden Pearls: GodVille – Massively-multiplayer Zero-player Game (Doubt It You Even Knew This Concept Could Exist at all!)

Hidden Pearls: GodVille – Massively-multiplayer Zero-player Game (Doubt It You Even Knew This Concept Could Exist at all!)The title of this post says “massively-multiplayer zero-player game” and you may think that I’m making a mistake here due to English being my second language, but i am not. How could a game be a multiplayer and zero-player at the same time?! Turns out, it’s really possible! A weird genre indeed, but it does exist even while it’s pretty much safe to say you have never heard of it. I’m talking about GodVille here, a proud exemplar of a genre it did not created, but greatly improved. This game has a great deal of people playing it and all the attributes of an MMO – cities, monsters, quests, items, PVP, even pets that characters can tame and care for. Yet, at the same time there are no direct actions that you can take in this game, even upon your own character besides creating it. Intriguing? So let’s find out more how that even works! (more…)

DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?

DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?DC Universe Online was released not a long ago – January 11, 2011 – and whoever of the gaming press were going to write a review on it… well, they did. And such reputable sites like Giant Bomb and Eurogamer give it only 2’s and 3’s.  Giant Bomb blames it for monotonous and loose  fights, and Eurogamer  (behind blaming DC Universe Online for the same thing) also adds that the game at the same time still might be good if only patched and going free to play. Geeks of Doom compares the game with WoW and praises the character creation system, but gives the game only 3 out of 5 and complains that DC Universe Online needs more content and some error correction. This doesn’t looks all bright and shiny to me, but can’t say i’m really surprised, though, and i also highly doubt they’ll make it free to play anyway. By the way, while i’m on citing other reviews, check out 3_KILLA_BYTES DC Universe Online video review, it’s pretty cool (the video is behind the cut). (more…)

Eve Online: Living Another Life (Rather A Personal Story Than An Actual Review)

Currently i was writing mostly about free to play games, recent betas and a few pay to play projects that aren’t exactly new to the gaming market. This is another post about a game that is not a newborn project – Eve Online. It’s rather a “Nostalgia, you’ve got me…” post than an actual review because i can’t review a game i’m not playing for over a year now (and i’m not going back just to look at it for the sake of doing the review post), but i spend several years of my life in Eve Online since 2006. Eve changes, yes, more new expansions come out every now and then, but the core structure of the game do not change – it’s about freedom, socialization and war (for me – in that particular order). When i come back, i see the technical details like ships and skills being changed, but the core is always there, all the same. This MMO was always more than a game for the most people who played it (not excluding me) – it was a lifestyle more than a game, a parallel world where we lived another life – and i never saw another online game that would make me form a bond strong anywhere near to that one. I’ve made real life friends in Eve Online, one of whom even came over from another country for a visit. And this is my story of living an Eve Online life. (more…)

Ace Online / Air Rivals Review: A Breath Of Sci-Fi Air In A Land Of Fantasy Games

Ace Online / Air Rivals Review: A Breath Of Sci-Fi Air In A Land Of Fantasy GamesI haven’t done much reviewing lately, and it’s time to fix that. I’d write about RIFT betas, but my latest posts were all about RIFT, like the ones with
RIFT beta screenshots, so i have to write about something else. And “something else” this time is ACE Online. Also known as Space Cowboy Online, Ace Online International and AirRivals, the game was made by MasangSoft Inc. and first released back in 2006 – it had a lot of publishers since then, right now they are GameForge4D (Europe) and Suba Games, LLC (North America). Whether it is a good game or not – we shall find out, but at least this game stands out of the mass, because it’s being described as free to play PVP Sci-Fi MMO 3D Space Shooter. That’s right, spaceships instead of elves – so even if it’s a grindfeast, at least it’s not a standard one! (more…)

Divine Souls: Are Beta Bugs Driving You Crazy too?

Divine Souls: Are Beta Bugs Driving You Crazy too?When i wrote a post Divine Souls Review: Open Beta First Impression, i said, that this game has design problems and bugs, and if GamePrix won’t screw it even more than as it is now, who knows, maybe it could turn out to be a nice game after all? Well, so far it couldn’t. I was tired of constant bug infestation and dropped it. GamePrix, obviously, sees constant drop in active accounts number and sends everyone a message like “hey, you’ve asked for it, and we made the game better!” – come back, we’re all white and fluffy! I came back, just in case. Was anything working better? Not a single thing. And i see increasing number of search inquiries about Divine Souls bug and crashes. Guys! Listen up here! It’s BUGGED LIKE HELL! (more…)

Divine Souls Review: Open Beta First Impression

Divine Souls Review: Open Beta First ImpressionDivine Souls is a free-to-play fantasy action MMO developed by Korean team GamePrix and released be Outspark, which is currently undergoing an open beta stage. And this game is some really rare weird shit, i must tell you! Their current slogan is “your console will be jealous” and that is really true, because Divine Souls is a console action made into an MMO and released on PC. I can only guess what weird stuff they were high on that made them release a game made for consoles on PC, instead of Xbox or PS3, and why they made it into an MMO in the first place. So, this game gave me a really mixed feeling… Being a console-style has both its pluses and minuses, so here’s my first impression on this game, if you’re interested. Upd.: if you came searching for Divine Souls bugs, read Divine Souls: Are Beta Bugs Driving You Crazy too? post here. (more…)

iPad Online Games: Castle Craft Review

iPad Online Games: Castle Craft ReviewI recently got an iPad and found out there are some games for it involving online play, i named a few here. I’ve already reviewed Aurora Feint 3 here, have to finish the business with those other games. CastleCraft is an fantasy PVP MMORTS by Freeverse, Inc. and (supposedly) compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I liked the graphics and the fantasy idea as a whole, but i was put on guard by several reviews blaming this game for non-existent customer support and myriads of annoying bugs. I can totally confirm both these points. And it’s really a shame, because if Freeverse ever fixes the critical bugs and starts listening to player base’s problems, then Castle Craft would become a fine game indeed. (more…)

Famous Fails: Lineage 2 Review

Famous Fails: Lineage 2 ReviewSome of you probably picking up stones to throw at me right now… or maybe not. I have a long story related to this game. I remember when Lineage II was going to be released, everyone i knew were crazy about it, we would cut its concept-art pictures for avatars, but i couldn’t get it to play – i had a dial-up back then and would spend a month downloading 200mb file so i had to wait several years until i could try it. A friend of mine burned it on several CDs and shipped to me over 1000+km, i still had dial-up and had no credit card so i went to play on some free Russian shard. I thought it was broken, because it was extremely buggy and had almost no quests, so i dropped it. Five years had passed and many Lineage II chronicles had been released since then, and i came back to official Lineage 2 servers to see what this game was really about. I really shouldn’t have done that, because this game, no matter for how long it stays alive, is pure FAIL. (more…)

Hidden Pearls: Caesary Review

Hidden Pearls: Caesary ReviewCaesary is a browser-based free to play PvP MMORTS with RPG elements by Heroica Era LTD. / LeKool (released in 2010), based in a historical setting where you play as a Roman Empire consul and have to develop your own city (or cities). It looks a lot like Evony/Civony clone, but doesn’t rips off other game’s graphic assets and is much more reliable than said games. I have been playing Caesary for more than two months now and find it an interesting game, so i want to share with you my thought on why this game is worth trying. (more…)

IPad Online Games: Aurora Feint 3 Review

iPad Online Games: Aurora Feint 3 ReviewAurora Feint 3 is a free to play online game for iPad, made by “Aurora Feint, Inc.”, and is often called an MMO, but actually it’s more like a “social puzzle game with RPG features”, I’d say. RPG features are that you have a character that gains levels and experience, social part is that you can call upon your Facebook friends (if any play this game) to aid you in battle and also every player’s score goes to leaderboards. The rest of the game is a puzzle. But, considering it’s an iPad game, and it has something to do with social games and RPGs, what an interesting puzzle and a splendid game it is! I sat until 5 A.M. yesterday, unable to stop playing it, so here goes my experience with this game. (more…)

Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?

Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?Yesterday I’ve got an iPad. I am no Mac fan myself and this is the first spawn of GodJobs ever to cross the borders of my home safely – we had no iPhones and iPods here ever before. But a few days ago of my family members was overseas and my husband asked him to bring us an iPad. Since, you know, we in Russia still can’t buy iPads in any store – you’d have to book for it, then wait a few months, then pay at least twice much as it costs in USA or Europe. Heck, I’d probably have to wait a month just to get a travel case for this iPad, which would cost me around $80, can you believe that? Not a good thing to live in Russia sometimes, i tell you! But i’m getting on the wrong topic here, let’s get back to my iPad – messing with it, i suddenly realized there are MMO games too and i never even thought of MMO gaming on a keyboard-less device! So let’s take a look at the first few free MMO games for iPad I’ve found so far. (more…)

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!MapleStory is a fantasy MMO by Wized Corporation/Nexon (released back in 2005) that is “free to play” i.e. cash shop based, with 2d graphics (yes! it’s two-dimensional!), no PVP at all and one of the worst grinding games out there. I don’t know why people play 2d games at all, but if you want to check this game out – i warn you, read this review first. I’m not going to go into much details about skills, classes and stuff – i’m going to write an honest opinion of what this game is in general. (more…)

Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst Impression

Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst ImpressionLegendary Champions is a “free to play” Chinese-style fantasy mmorpg by USERJOY Technology / Aeria Games. I had no time to check this game in its closed beta stage, but after reading some positive things about it i thought it is worth checking its open beta after all. Every LC ad out there states that it “stands out from the crowd by offering players unique 5v5 PvP gameplay reminiscent of the super-popular Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients or DotA. As players take part in these DotA style matches they can choose from a wide variety of heroes to transform into, heroes that span entirely different eras and time periods, such as Dracula or even King Arthur.” Don’t believe it. There’s nothing close to DotA there, and while i usually spent a lot more time on each game, this one made me want to uninstall it after a few hours at best. (more…)

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