Hellgate: Closed Beta Keys Give-Away

Hellgate: Closed Beta Keys Give-AwayNearly 3 years have passed since T3 Entertainment took control of Flagship Studios’ title Hellgate: London – originally the game had both single-player and MMO-like pay2play gameplay modes, but the game’s MMO part was cancelled short after launch. Now, T3 is almost ready to show us what new Hellgate will be like – closed beta testing will be taking place for a short period of June 3 to 5, and the new Hellgate version is said to be free2play this time. You can claim your key at GameOgre or Massively – both are giving away Hellgate closed beta keys right now. Also, i included a Hellgate: London sneak peak video (behind the cut) for those who have no idea what it was about. (more…)