Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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Kitsu Saga: Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew From The Beginning

Kitsu Saga: Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew From The BeginningKitsu Saga is a new free to play “martial arts fantasy MMORPG” by X-Legend / Aeria Games that is currently in beta-testing (along with other Aeria projects). Currently i am testing it for myself, but the game certainly takes more time to decide what i am thinking about it than the last Aeria project i was looking into (Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst Impression). Some say it’s a clone of Grand Fantasia, but i as i haven’t played that game i have to first check it out too to decide… So, in the meantime – I know there are people playing this game and i thought it would be useful for everyone if i share a few Kitsu Saga tips and tricks for those who play it, right now, before i do a full review of it. (more…)

IPad Online Games: Aurora Feint 3 Review

iPad Online Games: Aurora Feint 3 ReviewAurora Feint 3 is a free to play online game for iPad, made by “Aurora Feint, Inc.”, and is often called an MMO, but actually it’s more like a “social puzzle game with RPG features”, I’d say. RPG features are that you have a character that gains levels and experience, social part is that you can call upon your Facebook friends (if any play this game) to aid you in battle and also every player’s score goes to leaderboards. The rest of the game is a puzzle. But, considering it’s an iPad game, and it has something to do with social games and RPGs, what an interesting puzzle and a splendid game it is! I sat until 5 A.M. yesterday, unable to stop playing it, so here goes my experience with this game. (more…)

Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?

Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?Yesterday I’ve got an iPad. I am no Mac fan myself and this is the first spawn of GodJobs ever to cross the borders of my home safely – we had no iPhones and iPods here ever before. But a few days ago of my family members was overseas and my husband asked him to bring us an iPad. Since, you know, we in Russia still can’t buy iPads in any store – you’d have to book for it, then wait a few months, then pay at least twice much as it costs in USA or Europe. Heck, I’d probably have to wait a month just to get a travel case for this iPad, which would cost me around $80, can you believe that? Not a good thing to live in Russia sometimes, i tell you! But i’m getting on the wrong topic here, let’s get back to my iPad – messing with it, i suddenly realized there are MMO games too and i never even thought of MMO gaming on a keyboard-less device! So let’s take a look at the first few free MMO games for iPad I’ve found so far. (more…)

Lucent Heart: Preview Trailer

I finally got to see it (the trailer was released by MMOHut over YouTube a day before yesterday). I must say, after watching this trailer i felt a bit like someone had shot my brain out or i just have seen some sort of a mind-killing anime. Thanks god i’m a not a guy, or i would have felt like a pedophile instead. (more…)

PlayStation2 is 10 Years Old Today!

PlayStation2 is 10 Years Old Today!This is an off-topic post again, but i simply can’t mention a console birthday *again*. PlayStation2 hits 10 years today! I have one standing on a TV’s cupboard right next to me as i write this – the oldest model, not the slim one. Actually, it has a long story and a bit of romantic stuff to remember with it. Isn’t it funny? Usually, when girls mention something romantic, they mean flowers, bunnies, chocolate candies or all of the above at once. I remember romantic things about PlayStation2… Well, what to say, i choose “Chick Geek” nickname after all! (more…)

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!MapleStory is a fantasy MMO by Wized Corporation/Nexon (released back in 2005) that is “free to play” i.e. cash shop based, with 2d graphics (yes! it’s two-dimensional!), no PVP at all and one of the worst grinding games out there. I don’t know why people play 2d games at all, but if you want to check this game out – i warn you, read this review first. I’m not going to go into much details about skills, classes and stuff – i’m going to write an honest opinion of what this game is in general. (more…)

Online Games and Cash Shops: Why People Pay

Online Games and Cash Shops: Why People PayMost of the contemporary games work on micro transactions and have their own cash shop where you’re supposed to be spending more and more money. Studies show (according to PlaySpan and Frank N. Magid Associates) that said cash shops are going to generate around $17 billions by 2015, and American gamers alone have spent on micro transactions around $250 millions in 2009. Why people buy things that don’t even exist is another story, but why spent so much? Here are the basic reasons on why people part with their money. (more…)

Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst Impression

Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst ImpressionLegendary Champions is a “free to play” Chinese-style fantasy mmorpg by USERJOY Technology / Aeria Games. I had no time to check this game in its closed beta stage, but after reading some positive things about it i thought it is worth checking its open beta after all. Every LC ad out there states that it “stands out from the crowd by offering players unique 5v5 PvP gameplay reminiscent of the super-popular Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients or DotA. As players take part in these DotA style matches they can choose from a wide variety of heroes to transform into, heroes that span entirely different eras and time periods, such as Dracula or even King Arthur.” Don’t believe it. There’s nothing close to DotA there, and while i usually spent a lot more time on each game, this one made me want to uninstall it after a few hours at best. (more…)

Entrecard Review: How a Small Gaming Blog Attracts Its First Traffic

Entrecard Review: How a Small Gaming Blog Attracts Its First TrafficSince this blog is really a fresh start (you can check the archives page to see), the first my problem besides writing something interesting for a reader (and constantly checking my spelling), is to let this reader know i exist at all – which is, actually, much harder. So, I’ve been looking at the usual blogger’s stuff like blogging directories (they suck!), RSS aggregation, social networks (they rule!) and I’ve stumbled upon an unusual network service for bloggers: Entrecard. The main idea is that everyone set up an Entrecard widget on their blog and click each other’s widgets to make Drops, which in turn we can spend on buying ads in someone’s blog – and the whole point of this is rather finding interesting blogs than getting more Drops. And i must say i found a few interesting gaming blogs doing that (now i hope, someone finds mine in the same fashion :) (more…)

Fallout Online Goes Beta In Early 2012

Fallout Online Goes Beta In Early 2012As Gamespot
reports today, Fallout Online is supposed to launch beta in the first half of 2012, and then released commercially in the second part of the same year. There’s no screenshots or video available for this game yet, only a promotional web site and a bits of information from the developers. “Fallout 3 was a little bit too serious–that’s definitely not where we’re going. Our Fallout MMOG will be extremely funny,” says Eric Caen. He’s Interplay president, in case you live in a tank. Oh, wait, a little bit too serious? Come on, let’s tell the truth: Fallout 3 is just a clone of TES3: Morrowind in a post-industrial setting! “An MMOG must be a lot deeper than a stand-alone game. It’s not a shooting game we’re making. You can shoot, but it’s a very small portion of the game. The game itself is about reconstructing the world,” says Caen. (more…)

Vendetta Online: Fresh HD Trailer Is On!

Vendetta Online is a 3D space combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. This MMO permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws. (more…)

Unusual Games: Faunasphere – an MMO + Facebook crossover

Unusual Games: Faunasphere – an MMO + Facebook crossoverBetween all of the endless Korean and Chinese, umm – let me put it straight – grind feasts, there are some unusual games that are trying the uncharted waters of niche MMO market And by an MMO i mean here a game, that has graphics and some basic structure, where many players can interact at the same time. By this criteria the game by Big Fish Games (a well known developer of casual Facebook games) is an MMO indeed. By any other means… it’s a mix of MMO, casual and artificial life genres (and a-life genre haven’t been seriously played with since Creatures series by Creature Labs/Mindscape), so this is quite a special game i’m going to look at – and it’s called
Faunasphere. (more…)

Online Games Addiction: The Crude Reality

Online Games Addiction: The Crude RealityYeah, it is. When someone tells you’re an MMO addict, you usually answer them with “nay, there’s no such thing like a video game addiction” and go play World of Warcraft. And at that point you are absolutely… wrong! Since the news of WOW hitting “12 millions of players” mileage had come, i feel i should start getting onto my blog’s main theme – what games do to make you play day and night and spent money. So, i’m starting with this not-quite-a-newsflash, that might still passed unheard by some players. You should know: addiction to MMO games is a crude reality. (more…)

Lord of the Rings Online: How f2p Coexists With p2p

Lord of the Rings Online: How f2p Coexists With p2pI believe, many of us gamers who read sites like Massively or Gamesradar already heard early this month about how successful turned out Turbine’s venture into F2P market. According to Turbine, 20% of the former players came back to play and also over a million of new accounts was created during a month after LOTRO went Free to Play, resulting in 300% increase in concurrent users and 400% increase in active players overall. While Turbine bosses are busy bathing in cash checks, looks like it’s safe to say for me that Free to Play clearly wins over Pay to Play business model (okay, there HAD been an mmorpg that went down no matter getting on F2P rails, but that was Acclaim’s fault – we’ll speak of it another time). Now, is that really so? (more…)

Nadirim preview posted online!

Some people claim it’s hard to understand what the developers are saying, but either my English is better than those people’s, or it’s because English is my second language. Either way, if you have problems – just repeat the movie. I’m looking forward to Naridim, don’t know what comes of it in the end, but at least it has an uncommon and fresh lore.

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