Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?

Chick Geek Finds Out: Is there an MMO life on iPad?Yesterday I’ve got an iPad. I am no Mac fan myself and this is the first spawn of GodJobs ever to cross the borders of my home safely – we had no iPhones and iPods here ever before. But a few days ago of my family members was overseas and my husband asked him to bring us an iPad. Since, you know, we in Russia still can’t buy iPads in any store – you’d have to book for it, then wait a few months, then pay at least twice much as it costs in USA or Europe. Heck, I’d probably have to wait a month just to get a travel case for this iPad, which would cost me around $80, can you believe that? Not a good thing to live in Russia sometimes, i tell you! But i’m getting on the wrong topic here, let’s get back to my iPad – messing with it, i suddenly realized there are MMO games too and i never even thought of MMO gaming on a keyboard-less device! So let’s take a look at the first few free MMO games for iPad I’ve found so far. (more…)