Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!



What this blog is about?

When I started it in 2010, I had several goals: I wanted to try my hand at regular blogging, to write about something interesting to me as well as to other people, and to improve my English while doing so. And this blog was never intended to be like “your usual gaming blog” – no run-of-the-mill stream of game reviews, no tips on how to earn WoW gold, and no shots of “me & my uber-guild killing an uber-boss in an uber-dungeon”, either. There are other interesting things to write about.

Why some games are better than others? What makes MMOs so addictive? How “free” games are making you pay all the time? What are those psychological and financial tricks behind the scenes? These questions were and are discussed in this blog, among other themes. Those subject discussed in Chick Geek Games are getting broader as I pick other interests along the way. I have other blogs and projects besides games that will be mentioned from time to time.

About the author

My name is Nina, I was born in August 1985 in Soviet Union, which is now Russian Federation, where I still live.

The first computer I’ve seen was an USSR clone of Apple – dad worked for government and had access to such things – he brought it home back in 1989 or so. In 1993 I’ve got my first very own 286 PC, which was highly unnatural for a Russian kid, especially a girl. Computers were as rare as Lamborghini then, and not because of the price tag, but because they simply weren’t sold anywhere. Later I had an 486, and then a whole assortment of different Pentiums, and now even several Macs. I also owned a Chinese clone of NES sold in Russia as Dendy and Sega Genesis (broken and sold respectively), and more recently PS2, PS3, PSP and Wii (which I do not have access to anymore).

I have degree in Advertising – dunno how it translates to EU or USA education systems, I studied it for 5 years, so go figure. Before that I also studied Applied Informatics in Economics for a year, but it turned out that higher mathematics, linear algebra and relational database theory are not my thing. But i know the basics of algorithm theory and can guess what a chunk of code generally does.

I am married to a C++/C# programmer, we first met in the Internet at LiveJournal and then in real life in 2007. We have a cat since autumn 2011 – he appears sometimes under the Gamer Cat tag here – and both of them (the husband and the cat) are awesome.

In autumn of 2012 we all moved to Moscow (hence the lose of my gaming consoles, which had to be left behind at home), where I am going to study Graphic Design in British Higher School of Art & Design, and my hubby works in a company developing mobile games and applications. Until then I lived in Southern parts of Russia, in (or close to) Rostov-on-Don, a city between Azov and Black seas (about 1,200,000 populace), about 8 hours ride from Sochi (home of Olympics 2014). By the way, if you think Russia is a wast cold place, they have palms in Sochi and +15′C in January.

My other hobbies are changing over time, but the constant ones are these, in no particular order: I read a lot, love cooking (not much chances for that since Moscow), diving (that, too), photography and driving. I worked as a web designer for over a year since my graduation and know a bit of HTML/CSS, but I’m not a pro by any means. I also like drawing and there’s some chance I still might learn to do that.

Why the name “Chick Geek Games”?

That’s basically everything that there is – I am a girl, I play games, and certainly I am a geek. Though I used “Chick Geek” for a while to answer comments, that’s not my nickname; I just picked it randomly to avoid using my main name, in case this thing goes bad (you know, like major troll infestation or something).

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