Chinese military training game is to be released as online shooter “Glorious Mission”, features its own Master Chief

Well, this is something really new! There are games used in some countries to train specialists – pilots, captains and military, that kind of thing – and one of these games is going to be released for everyone in China to play. A game that has been developed for military training of personnel of the armed forces of China will be available to all civilian gamers under the title of “Glorious Mission” (locally known as “光荣使命”). It was developed by joint efforts of Nanjing Military Region Game Center and Wuxi Giant Network, and was used to give soldiers and officers an idea what the real battlefield experience might be, so it has some really unique features none of the other FPS games can offer. The game itself uses DX11 and one of the most advanced products ever released on Chinese gaming market in the terms of technical realisation.