Aion Wizard Cosplay by Anita Lust

Another gaming cosplay, this time it’s a Wizard (Elyos) character from Aion fantasy MMORPG by Anita Lust, a cosplayer from Ukraine. Besides cosplaying, Anita is into anime and she also sews costumes for sale for other cosplayers – check Anita Lust’s viantArt page here. I was shocked to learn that people are actually telling her to stop cosplaying because she has an 8-year old daughter and therefore is “old”. I certainly hope she’ll keep ignoring those morons, because, I must say, there is no “awesome” or “amazing” in this post’s title only because I already called most of the previous posts that and it looks kinda repeated. But Anita’s cosplay IS amazing too. I especially like the background setting author choose for this photo set, it’s bright and sunny, and compliments the costume very well. The photos themselves are by Eva.