DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?

DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?DC Universe Online was released not a long ago – January 11, 2011 – and whoever of the gaming press were going to write a review on it… well, they did. And such reputable sites like Giant Bomb and Eurogamer give it only 2’s and 3’s.  Giant Bomb blames it for monotonous and loose  fights, and Eurogamer  (behind blaming DC Universe Online for the same thing) also adds that the game at the same time still might be good if only patched and going free to play. Geeks of Doom compares the game with WoW and praises the character creation system, but gives the game only 3 out of 5 and complains that DC Universe Online needs more content and some error correction. This doesn’t looks all bright and shiny to me, but can’t say i’m really surprised, though, and i also highly doubt they’ll make it free to play anyway. By the way, while i’m on citing other reviews, check out 3_KILLA_BYTES DC Universe Online video review, it’s pretty cool (the video is behind the cut). (more…)