Cities XL: Online Game Surviving In Offline World

Cities XL: Online Game Surviving In Offline WorldCities XL 2011 (my MonteCristo) is out and already selling on Steam Store, I’ve got myself a 50%-off copy and then i thought: wait there, this is an interesting example for my blog! The thing is, that Cities XL was released back in 2009 as the first online city building game. The easiest way ever to describe this game is to say “it’s like SimCity, just online” – which isn’t a very detailed description, indeed. Also, this is one of the first examples of how a game can combine offline gameplay with an MMO part (yes, i do remember about Conan – that’s why i said “ONE of the first examples”). The game’s success is somewhat doubtful, because it worked in online mode for only half a year, but they released 2011 version, which indicates that the game sold well enough to continue it. So, how did it worked? (more…)