Beautiful maps of game worlds that you’ll never forget – Part 1

We all have our favourites, our places of escape, virtual lands where we went to discover things, to save princesses and worlds, to fight evil and to have adventures. Worlds of our favourite games. And we had maps to lead us on through these worlds, maps that have nothing to do with the real world we live in – come to think of it, much like pilgrims of Middle Ages, when maps were drawn like checkered boards poised on a giant turtle’s back or some sorts. Each of those games we visited had a map, and some of them are still unforgettable – or, if you haven’t visited a particular game world, you still ought to check it out, because I picked a lot of awesome, beautifully made game world maps for you to discover. Actually, I found such a huge lot of them, it stands to reason to divide them in two posts, if not more. Click on the images to see the full size versions.