Gorgeous Catherin character cosplay by Elian

First of all: this cosplay of Catherine is absolutely gorgeous. I had no chance to play the game when I still had my PS3, but from game art I’ve see, this cosplay is right on spot. The beautiful cosplayer doing this is Elian, (check out her DeviantArt account here) she is from Moscow, Russia. She’s a future lawyer and want to see Japan some day, but in the meantime she enjoys making costumes from her favourite anime and Japanese games. The photos are taken by Taya, here’s her DeviantArt page too.

Funny thing, when I first found this cosplay and took a look at the photographer, she happened to be studying in Moscow’s British High School of Design & Art on Graphic Design program, and I began studying AT THE VERY SAME school just a week ago, only she’s in full enrolment and I am at preparation 6 month long courses. We might even meet in a corridor or something, isn’t that funny how small the world is? (more…)