Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


Kitsu Saga: Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew From The Beginning

Kitsu Saga: Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew From The BeginningKitsu Saga is a new free to play “martial arts fantasy MMORPG” by X-Legend / Aeria Games that is currently in beta-testing (along with other Aeria projects). Currently i am testing it for myself, but the game certainly takes more time to decide what i am thinking about it than the last Aeria project i was looking into (Legendary Champions Review: First And Worst Impression). Some say it’s a clone of Grand Fantasia, but i as i haven’t played that game i have to first check it out too to decide… So, in the meantime – I know there are people playing this game and i thought it would be useful for everyone if i share a few Kitsu Saga tips and tricks for those who play it, right now, before i do a full review of it.

1) Your CHI/MP stats aren’t automatically regenerating themselves in Kitsu Saga, you need to use your charge skill to regenerate them. All martial arts schools get some charge skills, you can identify them by the yellow text in their mouse-over description which says: “Charge skill. MP recover XX.”

2) Some of the healing spells are able to recover your MP when you cast them on others or on yourself. They are usually the ones that require a long casting.

3) You can use food to restore your HP while you’re not in combat and some food types also give you a buff of some sort for a limited time, usually around 10 minutes.

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::0 4) You can buy food at general merchants in any of the capital cities, or you can but food recipes from the same NPCs and craft the food by yourself. Most food recipes use ingredients that you get while fishing, and other additional ingredients can be bought at herb sellers (those guys who sell potions and herbs to restore HP, they are found in the capital cities too).

5) The fastest way for Kitsu to gain aura energy is when you summon them by equipping their summoning stone.

6) Items can be made with a number of sockets, which used to insert soul gems to enhance (fortify) weapon and armor pieces.

7) You can fortify weapons and pieces of armor for up to +7 without being afraid of damaging them, because failure will result in only around 10% permanent durability loss. If you fail to fortify something at +7 the thing you’re trying to fortify will be destroyed.

8) You can create an additional socket on an item by using a chisel from cash shop, but if you fail to create the socket while using this chisel, you can permanently damage the durability of your equipment by 10%

9) If have a guild (or you’re in one), you can level it up by doing guild missions.

10) You can gain fame by defeating bosses, mini-bosses and doing quests. Also, Faction Fame can be gained by doing Guild Reputation quests for that particular city.ks-assets-epl-913

11) If you have spare money, you can buy a basic mount for 24 hours for 10 silver pieces (these mounts are sold at every mount vendor out there). The basic mount will increase your travel speed by 40%.

12) When you have 2000 Faction fame points and level 40, you can buy your first permanent mounts (that’s a long way to go! i am not sure i like this game that much to go for a permanent mount there). The permanent mount will cost you 1000g., but it will also increase your speed by 60%.

13) In Kitsu Saga there are a number of instances. Some are called “mini instances” because they are meant for a small party of 2 and above, like Sword gate (which is lvl 20). First big instances you may encounter are called Blackwind Cave and Seven-Star Temple, they’re meant for a full party of level 28 and above. There are also some level 30 2-man instances out there, like Hidden Dragon Valley (and maybe Thunder Gate too, but not totally sure about that one – i mention it just in case).

14) Manuals for martial arts are rare, but they can permanently increase your martial arts skills and spells. If you have found some, keep in mind that they must be used incrementally, meaning you can’t use a №3 book before you found and used №1 and №2.

15) Remember about party roles. Healers are – Clearmind and Watermoon, Asura and Cloudstriders are both tanks, Mistsong and AstralOmen are AOE/De-buffers, and HeavenSword and Godhand are Heavy DPS. Sometimes there’s nothing worse than a party member who doesn’t remember about his role in a group.

16) Items can stack up to 999. Save your inventory space!

Feel free to email me if you have some other tips you wish to add to this post, or, if you have a forum, i give you permission to post this list with a link to my blog.

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