Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes – Tips & Tricks On Solving Isle Of Dawn Quests

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes – Tips & Tricks On Solving Isle Of Dawn QuestsThis post is here to provide a quick tips on handling quests in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes starter/trial area called Isle of Dawn. Since the last big wiki for Vanguard quest and crafting (Vanguard Crafters) had been taken down (November, 2010) with all the information that Vanguard players had been gathering (– thanks to the site’s owner who refuses to provide anyone else with the wiki’s copy to host on our own) it is now up to the players to figure everything on their own. As i have started to play Vanguard over again with a fresh character, I’ll try to write about those that i had problems with: how i found a solution and what should you do in case if a miracle happened and you started playing Vanguard. If you do not see a particular quest here, chances are it’s being covered in Part 2 of this post.

Quest: Chicken Roundup
Quest Giver:
Yokioni Twofist
Objectives: Chickens Returned to Yokioni Twofist (0/10), Arcane Chicken Prod (1/1)
d80ed28bdf1c6c6595751fcff9d8f2f7How to solve the quest: Equip Arcane Chicken Prod and look for the chickens running around Sun Village. You have to zap 10 chickens with Prod in order to make them to return to their owner. You can’t zap one chicken twice, so once you found one and zapped, you have to look for another one to return. Some chickens are running in the middle of the village, some are hiding in tall grass across the village’s border.

Quest: Fortify the Perimeter (Crafting)
Quest Giver: Kamashi Sunrain
Objectives: Fortify the logging outpost called Tentrees Farmstead against hobgoblin attack. Craft the needed materials and then distribute them to the building foundations in Tentrees. Check outside the buildings near the back or side for places to start work. Fortify the Small House, the Half-Built House, and the Large House.
How to solve the quest: You have to go to the crafting station according to your crafter profession, and choose special recipes – you’ve been given one to craft 3 items for the houses repairs. After you’ve done with that, walk around the 3 houses, you’ll see flashing pieces of stone used for building. Clicking each one of them will make houses “fortified” and when you’re done with all 3, the quest is finished.

Quest: Artisan’s Saga: Sun Village Armor (Crafting)
Quest Giver: Kamashi Sunrain
Objectives: Craft armor parts with the recipe provided by Kamashi Sunrain. Return to Sun Village and locate Hadin Starblossom near the village workshop (to the right of the front door behind a cart). Assemble the parts received from him with the parts crafted and return the final product to Kamashi.
882How to solve the quest: You need to craft pieces of armor at your profession’s crafting station (the recipe you’ve been given for it will be under Special recipes tag). You can do it before you go to the Sun Village. Then, when you’ve got all the pieces, go to Hadin Starblossom – he’s besides the crafting hall in Sun Village. He will give you 3 armor linings for the armor, so you’ll be able to assemble it at the bench in the Crafting Hall. If you do not see the recipe for armor assembling, try to re-login and check again – actually, re-logging in Vanguard fixes most of the problems.

Quest: Artisan’s Saga: Craftsman’s Assault (Crafting)
Quest Giver:
Kamashi Sunrain
Objectives: Create 3 traps and set them on the path to the entrance of the Earth Den cave as instructed. Kamashi Sunrain will arrange a guard for this job. Return to Kamashi in Tentrees when finished.
How to solve the quest: First, make sure you have other quests for the Earth Den, because it’s easier to do them when you’re on Craftsman’s Assault – you’ll have a bodyguard watching your back on that one. Go to the Earth Den cave entrance (there are aggressive mobs, btw) and walk around until you’ve told it’s a good place to put the traps.

Quest: Diplomat’s Saga: Earth Den Investigation (Diplomacy)
Quest Giver:
Shui Redwine
Objectives: Speak with Shui about the Earth Den. Investigate the Earth Den Perimeter. Collect information on Hobgoblin activities. Discuss Shui’s plan with him. Once completed, follow his directions to investigate the Earth Den and the hobgoblin’s current status. Speak to Veteran Redmist and then attempt to locate the Kojani man spotted in the area.
How to solve the quest: First, speak to Shui Redwine to complete the first objective. To collect information on hobgoblin activities, you have to find scouts watching the Earth Den – they are on the tallest hill near to the Earth Den entrance. However, you won’t be able to climb up from the entrance itself so you’ll have to start climbing from afar. When you have found the scouts, parley with one of them to find the needed information and another objective is done. To scout the Earth Den perimeter you have to turn on tracking in the quest’s information, it will show you the exact point – it’s further in the hills above the Earth Den. There you’ll find a man you have to parley with, after you’ve done with him all of the quest objectives are finished.

Quest: Unforgiveable (Adventuring)
Quest Giver:
Eni Jadedriver
Objectives: Locate 4 sources of food in the Earth Den and poison them. Return to Eni Jaderiver when done.
How to solve the quest: I found 2 sources in the corridor leading to the main Earth Den cave, and 2 more in the cave itself. The problem was, i did not noticed the second source in the corridor and noticed it only on my way back, when i became already desperate to found it – so if you can’t find it, you have to look carefully.

Quest: Salvaging Memories (Crafting)
Quest Giver:
Kamashi Sunrain
Salvage the needed materials from the burned out village. There will be heavy hobgoblin presence in the area, making this task very dangerous. Sun Village warriors will be there to assist.
How to solve the quest: There are several different quest objectives that you have to find, and they are scattered all around the place. If you enter the burned village from the main entrance (where the guards are), wood will be to the left hand from you. Several other objectives can be found in that part of the village that lies next to a burned bridge. And the herbs (they were my final objective) can be found near the big burned house atop a hill, the one that lies next to the center of the village.

Quest: Unwilling Reason (Adventuring)
Quest Giver: Lix Luckkin

Objectives: Kill hobgoblin stone callers to obtain a Ring of Zalaz. Use the ring on the corrupted minions until the Aspect of Zalaz appears. Speak with the aspect and reason with it to stop destroying the crops and earth. If it attacks, use the ring against it. Return to Lix Luckkin when done.
2011-01-16 18-15-46How to solve the quest: When you obtain the ring, you have to use it on the walking stone things, and not simply go and use it, but get into a fight with them – that is the only way to make the ring work. When used successfully, you’ll see a note saying that either you used the ring or you keep angering Zalaz. The easiest way is to get aggro from a mob, run away a little so no one else would attack you at the same time, and keep using the ring while fighting the mob in auto mode, because you have to use the ring MULTIPLE times. And there’s no counter showing how many more uses does it needs. When you – finally! – summon Zalaz you have to talk to him, and he will attack you afterwards. While fighting, use the ring on him as many times as you can – without the help of the ring it’s almost impossible to kill Zalaz at level 7.

Quest: Prelude to Hope (Crafting)
Quest Giver:
Veteran Hanoru Redmist
Objectives: Speak to Honaru Redmist near the Earth Den cavern. Use her recipes to refine and finish the explosive rune needed. A part of a basilisk is needed, and will have to be found or purchased from Sanho Northwind. Plant a single rune in any of the locations.
2011-01-16 18-55-2 How to solve the quest: After accepting the quest, talk to Redmist again. Now you have to get back to the Sun Village to buy “a part of basilisk” and craft the run. Sanho Northwind is not the person you go to often at levels 7-8, so if you do not remember, who it is – Sanho Northwind is a scholar in Sun Village, he stands on the far end of the village (if count from the Tentrees Farmstead side) near a small hut with only two walls. After you buy what you need from him, craft the rune base first, then the rune itself and go back to the Earth Dan entrance – there you have to walk into the cave and a bit further. The game won’t say to you which spot is good, i suspect, that any will do – i just used the rune in the Earth Den’s corridor and it was placed nicely.

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