Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


Alicia Online: News About English Release (As of March 2012)

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthroughTo all Alicia Online fans out there! I’ve been watching status of Alicia Online for a few years now – there was post in 2010 and later another one in 2011, when i asked Alicia devs if they are going to release Alicia Online in English. Sometime ago i wrote them again. I told them that there is a community of fans outside of Korea, and we’ve been hoping for an English release for quite some time. Is there any hope for us? Is there anything that we can do to help NTreev enter Western market? So, here’s their answer to my message.

I wrote to NTreev using Alicia Online support ticket system. Text was in English, translated to Korean with Google.Translate service. I assume they translated their answer for me to English with some service too. Here it is:


말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤 운영팀입니다.

Sorry I can not answer in English. Please understand.

Alicia still has a lot of gaps.
In order to launch a lot of preparation is required.
Many tests and stability should be a priority because it may take some time.

Alicia on Japan in 2012 we are preparing for launch
Review and Europe/America as well, but the schedule is uncertain.

Shop for a good overseas partners will promote the Alicia service to do.

Thank you for your interest.

앨리샤를 이용하시다가 다른 불편 사항이나 궁금하신 점이 있을 때에는
언제든지 1:1 문의로 남겨 주시면 확인 후 답변 드리겠습니다.
살아 숨쉬는 레이스!
말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤


In the meantime, you can play in Korean version of Alicia Online. Visit these posts to learn more on how to do that:
How to register an account in a Korean game – finding KSSN (Korean Social Security Number)
How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough
How to download Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough



I’ve decided to create Alicia Online Wiki site for all of us to share information about Alicia. Just finished setting it up yesterday, and it’s pretty much empty right now (except for the guides i have in this blog, they were copied over to Wiki), so I’m asking everyone to please come and join me at Alicia Online Wiki site and help fill it up! If you have anything to share, post it!

  • Deathlywish

    Well, don’t know if you guys heard but AO got shut down ._.

  • Kristian Savoy

    Is the english version out? I just found out about this game and it looks amazing

    • Elthar

      i’m really sorry to disappoint you, but the korean version has been shut down February 13, 2014 :(

      • Kristian Savoy

        Noooooo T.T why

  • Me

    I’m still waiting :c

  • Pink0415

    They need to hurry up and figure those bugs out because I am dying to play.

  • Lucifer

    How can you contact the makers of alicia?

  • twitty

    Honestly, I doubt we will ever get an english version. ;_;
    They’ll probably create an even better horse game for Koereans and leave us waiting for another 4 years.. and do the same again lol. Gosh, I wish I was Korean..(:

  • liz

    it is now the summer of 2013 and no English version is in sight? What is going on? please make an English version!

  • Analee Wester

    I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for about five years now. And i’m starting to lose a “little” of my patience. I desperatly want an account but i already attempted to find a KSSN and i failed (i looked and looked for about a day probably O.o) i really want someone to make an account for me but if they do… i cant read korean!!!!! When this game finally comes out in english, i will cry tears of joy then make an account and download it then play it for so freaking long.

    • Elthar

      sorry to disappoint you, but it seems that this game is never going to come out in english, the Korean version will not be getting any updates anymore, they shut down any further development (at least for now)

      • shelbschoell

        Last I heard it was doing well in the Asian market! I’m really shocked that they’ve shut down development and everything…

  • Jezzie

    Ou jeah! I can play alicia for korean! Thanks for help :)

  • Larissa

    Come on will you hurry up! i want to play this in English! DX

  • Caly

    When are you coming out in english?!?!?!.

  • jademarie

    i really want to play this game looks really good been waiting at least a year

  • Peace and Love

    So do they have it out yet in english? If not can anyone make me an account please want to play so bad

  • Eliss

    It s November and nothing happends :/

  • Sora Roxas Jule

    is des game free?

  • ~mylittlekitty~

    i’m screaming….my world of warcraft battle chest expired on friday….i cant afford to do THIS!!!!!!!lend me 10 dollars please XD

  • kimma

    how come Americans couldn’t think of that game?with this technology,the graphics and the game should blow everyone’s head off of their necks

  • kimma

    mom wont let me play korean version because she thinks it will download a virus.will it?(oh…and i am having trouble playing it because i find a KSSN to sign up,but it wont let me play…..can i get help on that too?

    • Elthar

      of course it will, don’t you know that all programs made on any language other than English are actually viruses made to trick people? oh wait, that was a sarcasm i used to ridicule the stupid idea your mom came with.

  • STshogun

    someone please help me getting a kssn…..

  • Derp

    For an Alicia Online account I mean xD Forgot to mention that in previous post x:

  • Derp

    Could someone be so kind enough and make me an account on here? My original one got hacked :( and I can’t find any working KSSNs… and I really don’t have time to do much except on the weekends.

    Message me on Youtube, I am- animallovergirl123

  • Little Star

    Which month in 2012 are they planning to release it in Japan?
    I search on the net but even in Japanese sites they don’t say when it will be released in Japan.
    Since I speak Japanese, I would prefer to play this game in this language and not in Korean.

  • lak44

    when does alicia 2.00 come out

  • Sora Roxas Jule

    wann kommt es dann in gelich raus?

  • Keitorin

    Do you know when the Japanese version will be released? I am learning Japanese and I did see it said it would be released for Japan in 2012 possibly, and am greatly looking forward to the Japanese release as well as the English one!

    If anyone could provide any extra information about the Japanese version of this game, I would greatly appreciate it! ありがとうございますよ~ :)

  • Nikki

    Ack ignore this post >.<

  • Nikki

    I was on the Alicia Online Facebook page and they said that Alicia Online is going to be released in JAPANESE.
    They are still considering whether or not to release it in english, and if they ever do, it may be in 2014.

  • silberapfel12

    Sorry, my question is very silly, but can I see somewhere in the game or at the online page what ‘my’ name, ‘my’ kssn or when ‘my’ birthday is?? I need it this to fill something for breeding out, but I forget it :’(
    I can’t speak English, hope it’s not to strange :D

    • Elthar

      if you forgot your KSSN and other details, then you’re screwed, there is no way to see them. After all, aren’t they supposed to be YOUR birthday and KSSN, no way a Korean person would be forgetting such things. Either find them again, or start looking for a new KSSN, for a new account.

      • silberapfel12

        Thanks for your fast reply :)
        so, I must to find them ones more…
        a very boring activity, but I’m reponsible for this ;)

        • Elthar

          lol yeah, i feel you, i made the same mistake once))

  • magdalena.g

    I heard that right now they are releasing it in japan and if the japanees people rate it well it should be coming out in english in mid or late 2013.We can only hope but I think they will because I watch japanease anime and have niticed that they relly like the magical cute girl concept.And Im from blgaria and Im like 12 yers old but Im a total english freak I know english without having to study it!^_^

    • Elthar

      i wonder if Japanese will let other people to play in their version, i would gladly switch from Korean version to the Japanese one! I tried studying Japanese once on the base of my love of anime, lol
      also, your English is cool

      • magdalena.g

        Thanks! And I also know a little japanese from the anime.:)

  • ~Moa~

    (I hope it comes out soon, no worries. I have already started hearing that the English one has already came out but, i can’t find it anywhere. )

  • ~Moa~

    난 그게 곧 나오는 걱정를 기대하지 않습니다. 이미 영어 하나가 이미 나온했지만, 난 어디에도 찾을 수없는 청각 시작했습니다.

  • ~Moa~

    와우, 내가 영어로 게임도 나올 예정 될 때 모르겠습니다. 지금 이대로가 한국의 비트를 말한다. 영어하지만 더. 이 정말 내가 이미 모든 언어로 만든 좋았을 텐데, 나가 당신들을 강조되어 나를 화나게합니다. 하지만, 그들은 여전히 ​​슬프게,이 노력하고 있습니다 … 당신이 사람들이 게임을 재생할 수 없습니다 다니 죄송합니다. 나는 곧 나오는 바랍니다하므로, 사람들이 게임에 대해 많은 스트레스를하지 않습니다. (English Translation:Wow, i am not sure when the game in English is supposed to come out as well. I speak a bit of Korean, as i am now. But more of English. This really makes me mad, that it is stressing you guys out, i wish they could have already made it in all Languages. But no, they are still working on this, sadly… I am sorry to hear that you people can’t play the game. I hope it comes out soon, so you people won’t be stressing out so much over the game.)

  • horseluver55

    ikr wlover593?

  • Fujimi

     When Alicia will be released in Japan ? Because, it’s very interresting… Indeed, we won’t need KSSN or others social password ! (I think !)
    And japanese is as easy as korean lol

  • Fujimi

    When released Alicia in Japan ? Because, it’s very interresting… Indeed, we won’t need KSSN or others social password ! (I think !)
    And japanese is as easy as korean lol

  • Epona

    Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for following the progress of this game!

  • Zizi

    I would love to learn how to read in Korean.
    Otherwise, isn’t a built in translater for english and other languages a good idea?
    Its worth a try suggesting this.

  • Daile Rhodes

    I really can’t wait for this to come out for English, I do know one thing I be putting alot of money in to it, and I believe there are alot of people out there who will do the same<3

  • Nikki

    Still waiting. Heard this game back in November 2011….. I know it’s not that long, but It is for me since I want to play this game SOOOOO bad! How can there still  be patches and bugs? Should be fine now! Man I hope it gets released soon to the Western countries, I check everyday searching Álicia Online English 2012′
    No lie, ever dang day I search it, that’s how desperate I want to play this game.

    • MeowMez

      Well you can ask SilverCats2 on youtube to make you an account and you can look at GhostBird13′s tutorials on how to install the game.
      It worked for me and now i’m playing xD

      • Nikki

        I have haha. But I just didnt want to download a Korean language pack and change the setting on my laptop just so I could play the game >..> )

      • Nikki

        I was going to but she posted on her videos that she doesn’t make accounts :(

        Does anyone mind sharing their KSSN so I can make myself a new account..?

    • xXChipmunkXx

      Same!!!! =[ I really want to play it!!! I don’t even know where the register thingy is on the Japanese website!!

      • Elthar

        what Japanese website?

  • Angrywoman

    im gonna kill myself if it doesnt come out next year(2013)

  • AliciaOnlineFan

    Waiting for it for a long time! I really like the game. I hope they understand that there are a lot of eager people waiting for the game. Hope it comes out this year, but I don’t think it will…ugh, I really don’t want to wait! :(

  • Troyfaus


    • Elthar

      You have no Korean language installed in your system

  • Brianna

    I have been waiting for this game to come out in english!!! It seems VERY fun!!!! :D

  • Lena

    van angol versio??

  • Person

    If it was ready for Japan and Korea why isn’t it ready for America and Europe? :/ Are we more mentally advanced or something to where we have to have a more advanced game?? I think it looks pretty awesome now.

    • Elthar

      maybe they’re shy of our AA titles like World of Warcraft, who knows lol

      There’s also a stream of Chinese and Korean titles that are handled wrong by greedy publishers like Aeria and GPotate that aren’t lasting long. For example, Prius Online that was a great hit in Korean, Japan and Taiwan and which many were awaiting for 4 years to come out in English, was so butchered by GPotato it barely lasted 8 months after English release. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alicia’s developers are afraid  of such fate.

      • tina

        I play world of war craft you should try it :)

        • Elthar

          do i have to drop out of college for it or something? lol :) every other story about WOW players is that they’re sucked out of real life with it

  • Kailah

    GUYS, you need to be more patient. I’m so bumbed that its not out in English yet to, but if you had read this blog at all, it probly won’t be comming out until the late 2014. Its almost launched in Japan, and I sugjest NOT to try KSSN! I bet you, though, that once it does come out, there will not be as so many bugs, and its appearence will be better than now. For now there are a few other games out there, I recomend Horse Life 2, its the most related to Alicia Online, but for a fee (like most MMO games). So please keep checking out this site for the latest updates and insider feeds. You may not get a chance to see a letter (amazing that they even responded I think) from the Korean indrusties again! So be patient, it could have been longer than 2014, but luckly they understand and won’t ban non-Koreans. ;)
                                                Hang in there guys!

    • Kristi Clapp

      Do you play? Could you tell us more about it, like, how you start off and stuff and what’s the difference between magic and speed horses, and some other stuff?

  • ioanna

    i am waiting for the english version 4 years !!!i want to play it so much!!

    • jademarie

      i know right lol

  • Wlover593

    it should be out right now

    • DaisyKay

      Well is it? No… It isn’t.

    • Elthar

      yeah, it is out… in Korean, that is

  • merel

    hi guys,
    i really want to play it too. :)
    but, if there comes a english version of it, please, send a email to:
    merelyoutube07  @
    and, what is a KSSN number?? :o
    and what ive you didnt have that number?

    • Bluechan

      Korean Social Security Number = KSSN

  • Mikhanna

    i wish i could play it my hart is broken </3  the game not to be perfect all horse lovers love it pleeeaaase do an english version sorry for my bad english im from sweden so ….. i hope you all understand what i wrighting <3

  • Kaylee

    I really hope they finnish soon the game looks so fun:)

  • Mari Mackova

    jak to mam stahnout pls poradte :´(

  • Eveline

    Koreans make awesome games and MMORPG’s, just wish they would be translated alot more often. They have some special kind of creativity that I haven’t seen in Europe nor America.
    I can’t wait for an english release, it’s going to be awesome. <3

    Asian countries have some sort of creativity we don't. I adore them!

    • xXChipmunkXx

      Just like Gangnam Style :P

  • Aesir

    Well, it’s nice to hear some updated news. It may not be much progress towards an English version but at least it’s something.

  • okami02

    ok so let me see what i understand so theyre planning to make an english version but are not sure when or something like that but they want it to be this year right also didnt you say that the japanese version was already out in your older posts and from what i saw from the vid mangamad posted the game is just getting better and better so whats taking so long do they need a poll to see how many kids here want to play it? :/ and yes im new to this site and i only joined cause i just want to play this game so bad x( please tell us if we can do something to help the english version come out please

    • Elthar

      no, you’re not seeing what they said, you’re seeing what you want to see
      Japanese version is not out yet, they’re *preparing* to launch it = in the beta stage or somethingthey’re looking at USA/EU, but there’s nothing said about this year or any other – “the schedule is uncertain” = they don’t know when

      maybe if we spam Alaplaya and other publisher s with emails demanding they publish Alicia… i dunno…

      • okami02

        alright then but i am sure i read in one of your posts that there was already a japanese version but oh well i just hope that at least they tell us when they are planning for the english version to come out *sighs* and wont they get annoyed or mad if we email them so much :/ just asking

        • Elthar

          either that or they might feel all warm and fuzzy because so many western girls are after them lol

          • Monica

             i’m not western! Well  what i mean to say is…..
            I just want the game so bad!! My dream is to play that game in english version that’s all. I have always wanted to play it like since last year!!!! Please Korean people i just want to play it SO HURRY UP ON THE ENGLISH VERSOIN ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Emmieabrams

            oh mah gawd  0-0 

          • Emmieabrams


  • Pillan

    I’ve heard that there is already an english server…though not sure if available to people outside the beta testing countrys…but thats only whet I’ve herd.

    • Elthar

      an english server? oh yeah, you should bring this news to NTreev, they’ll be so happy to hear they don’t need to start making an english version because somebody already gone to the future and back again to bring an english version (sarcasm mode off) 

      • Pillan

        i said english server, not as in available in north america. and i only said that i’d herd something about it.

        • Elthar

          Alicia runs on only 1 server, there are no pirated servers or other official shards.
          English server would obviously mean an entire English version of the game. There is no such thing at the time :(

          • Nyra9

            kde ji Stahnu alici horse recing vubec nvm kde ji sehnat

          • Elthar

            divná otázka
            na této stránce, kde si napsat poznámku, vidím nejméně tři odkazy “ke stažení”, “jak nainstalovat”
            pozorně si přečtěte

  • Mangamad

    Im sorry but you cant tell me that this isnt ready for the europe/american market!!!! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME NOW T^T

    • Mikhannah

      I agree!!! -.-’ it is good enough!! <3

      • Zelda

        Were all gonna miss the Halloween Event! D:<

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