Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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ARGO Online Closed Beta Test Has begun! And I’m Giving Away a Beta Key in This Post

ARGO Online Closed Beta Test Has begun! And I’m Giving Away a Beta Key in This PostARGO Online is a Hybrid Steampunk\Fantasy MMORPG by alaplaya, which was supposed to be released until the end of 2010 but somehow got postponed. The good news is, that ARGO Online is at last in Closed Beta stage and hopefully, those of you who have registered for Beta when i wrote about it, are now able to download the client! ARGO Online Closed Beta has been started just today and will run until March 22, after that the game’s character data base will we wiped clean and the cash shop will come online (it won’t be available during CBT). You can check out ARGO Online’s trailer in this post. Also, as a beta participant I’ve been given an addition ARGO Online Beta key to give away! (more…)

RIFT: Planes of Telara – Tips and Tricks – The Interface Questions Resolved

Rift Planes of TelaraRIFT is a cool game, but even if you played in Betas there still could be some questions left like “how do i do that?..” about its interface: either way because RIFT GUI had been changed since Beta or because Trion used some uncommon ways in designing things. To resolve some of my questions i had to go to RIFT forums and do a search, so i decided to sum up my findings in one post for everyone to share. If you play RIFT – this is post is for you, because it gets RIFT interface questions resolved.
With pictures!


RIFT: Head Start Kicks-OFF Today and TRION Reports At Least 1 Million Registered Accounts

RIFT: Head Start Kicks-OFF Today and TRION Reports At Least 1 Million Registered AccountsWe were waiting for it and here it comes: today 33 RIFT Head Start servers will go live and open their gates to PvP, PvE and Role-Playing gamers who have already pre-ordered RIFT (I myself is getting my RIFT client patched as i write this post). RIFT head start will be going on for a week until the official release dates – March 1 for USA and March 4 for Euro zones respectively. Also, according to RIFT Facebook group, Trion Worlds “announced today that more than one million accounts have been created to date”, meaning a high level of interest to the game. RIFT pre-orders are still available as well as founder’s pricing plans until March 15, so don’t miss out your chance! And if you don’t know how to subscribe to RIFT in a specific currency of your choice and get the game cheaper, click on the link. (more…)

Alicia Online: New Gameplay Details Translated From A Korean Review (And More New Screenshots!)

Alicia Online: New Gameplay Details Translated From A Korean Review (And More New Screenshots!)After going Open Beta February 10, Alicia Online is getting more and more press and player attention right now. Korean web-portal has posted a short article about Alicia Online (link is in Korean ;), which i’m posting here for you. It is really short but tells us about some gameplay details that were only hinted by Alicia Online screenshots before, so it’s worth reading. Also, I’m going to post more information like this later. A side note: rather than a direct translation of the said article this post is an exposition of what is said there. My Korean is currently revolving around an ability to decipher hieroglyphs into syllables, so i have to make an extensive use of a translation software – but with my experience of translation between other languages i can at least make out the whole point of the text, if not the exact wording. If anyone more fluent in Korean happens to stumble upon this post, I’d be grateful for any mistakes pointed out. (more…)

RIFT: Planes of Telara – End-Game Content Show Off In A New 18-Minute Video

G4TV has published a new 18-minute video detailing end-game content of an upcoming new MMORPG RIFT: Planes of Telara by Trion, featuring both 10- and 20- man raid types. Trion calls them “on-demand rifting” and this kind of activity isn’t tied to a character progression, like in other MMOs, but instead is triggered via world event. RIFT will supply us with 5 unique raids at launch with more to come after the release. (more…)

More Stuff For Weekend: Divine Souls Is Back Online

More Stuff For Weekend: Divine Souls Is Back OnlineGood news, everyone!© Divine Souls servers are open again for the current weekend! Divine Souls is a free-to-play fantasy action MMO developed by GamePrix and released by Outspark, which is currently *supposedly* undergoing an open beta stage. Supposedly because, when DS beta was opened it was barely playable and bugged like hell, players started to leave and Outspark closed Divine Souls servers until further notice to fix the bugs. It was almost a month ago – January 27, 2011 actually. Outpark was planning to open game servers only for a 6 hour window, but as they write on the official website – “Because the game has remained stable all day, we are extending this 6 hours open server window through the rest of the weekend!”. Game servers haven’t crashed in SIX consecutive hours – an improvement worthy of an early alpha version, but pre-release?! Oh, for holy Metroid Prime’s sake! Before i get any more sarcastic, there’s a fresh Divine Souls PVP video for you behind the cut. (more…)

RIFT: Planes Of Telara – Final Open Beta 6 Days Event Is Starting February 15, 2011

RIFT: Planes Of Telara - Closed Beta Screenshots – Part 3February 15, 2011 (i.e. tomorrow) will begin the final 7th Beta event before RIFT: Planes of Telara launch. This Beta is going to be Open, and, according to Trion, will last for 6 days. To join the Open Beta all you have to do is create Trion account and wait for the invitation and download the game – everyone is invited to taste RIFT before it’s out! During the event all all previously opened content will stay available (as always with RIFT beta event), plus two new zones will be opened and level cap raised to level 42. The beta servers are scheduled to be available for play from Tuesday 2/15/2011 at 10AM PST until Monday 2/21/2011 at 10AM PST. If you’re going to sub to the game, you may be interested in my post on How To Subscribe In A Specific Currency Of Your Choice And Get Game Cheaper. Also, for those who haven’t seen RIFT in action, behind the cut is 15 minutes long HD gameplay video. Have fun! (more…)

Alicia Online: Korean Release, Music Video And Promotional IU Footage

Alicia Online: Korean Release, Music Video And Promotional IU Footage  First of all, i’m not speaking about Alicia Online English release date, click the link to read what i know about it. Today’s news is that Alicia Online’s Korean release date is coming close, the pre-release Open Beta appears to be starting 10 February, 2010. Confirmed by Alicia Online twitter account and official website. Happy Koreans are having an Opening Party, it’s a total shame no one else can attend, but we can celebrate Korean release our own way! There are music video leaked out of the Korean Internets to YouTube featuring Alicia Online OST performed by Korean teenage diva IU. She’s Alicia Online “face” – being a very popular singer amongst the young adult audience, she was invited to record the game’s OST and do some promotional footage. As far as i can hear, she’s also actually not bad at doing the singing part! You can listen to Alicia Online OST for free legally and online on this official page, and here’s the music video (IU even plays the game in it): (more…)

RIFT: Planes Of Telara – VIP Beta Keys Giveaway

RIFT: Planes Of Telara – VIP Beta Keys GiveawayGood news, everyone!© Those of you who wanted to see RIFT beta event but had no luck as of yet – you have your chance now, because I’ve got several VIP RIFT Beta Keys to give away! If you want one, just leave your email in a comment and i will send you your key. The keys shall be valid for all remaining RIFT Beta events (i believe, there are 2 of them left). So don’t miss your luck, leave a comment now :) (more…)

Earthrise: Limited Quantity Beta keys Giveaway

Earthrise: Limited Quantity Beta keys GiveawayEarthrise is a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi PVP MMORPG that has a sophisticated class-less skill system and is supposed to be run on a shard-less server, like Eve Online does. Currently Earthrise is undergoing closed beta stage and i had a post with Earthrise January 2011 beta video some time ago. Today came a news that a well-known game time codes and registration keys reseller – hold Earthrise beta keys giveaway. To get the key you have to have an account, which is really not a problem. So, if you’re in for a key, be sure to grab it fast, because they say they have only a limited number of Earthrise beta keys available. If you need further instruction on how to claim/use your key or how to register at ShatteredCrystal, read the post behind the cut. (more…)

Divine Souls: Not All Hope Lost Yet? Divine Souls Is Taken Down Until Critical Issues Are Fixed

Divine Souls: Not All Hope Lost Yet? Divine Souls Is Taken Down Until Critical Issues Are FixedDivine Souls is a free-to-play Action-Fighting MMORPG developed by GamePrix and published by Outspark, that is said to “make your console jealous”, and that is really true, because Divine Souls is a console action made into an MMO and released on PC. Earlier i wrote Divine Souls Review: Open Beta First Impression post, in short: i had mixed feelings, because the game yet has some potential but is totally screwed by bugs. BTW, here’s a post with detailed description of an assortment of Divine Souls bugs, and I’ll repeat myself again: “GrandPrix is pretty happy together with its own bugs. Maybe – just maybe! – after seeing a real decline in accounts activity they’ll start doing something and fix the game, but for now… just keep in mind: either you play it bugged, or don’t play at all”. Well, guess what? Divine Souls is taken down “to fix intermittent issues that were impacting the game experience”! (more…)

RIFT: Planes Of Telara – Closed Beta Screenshots – Part 3

RIFT: Planes Of Telara - Closed Beta Screenshots – Part 3We all know what RIFT is about, don’t think i have to repeat it all over again. And today’s Closed Beta 5 is going online (at least, for me it’s “today”, around 18:00 or so). And considering a lack of new posts last week i thought I’d share my screenshots from Beta 4, so here they are: the Defiant races and lots and lots of Gloamwood – the second area that was available for Guardians during the beta – plus new mount, new stuff and a character, turned into a werewolf… Be careful, it’s a HUGE pile of screens! Also, if you haven’t seen previous batches of RIFT Beta screenshots, here are Part 1 and Part 2. And if you’re curious, how to buy RIFT: Planes of Telara in a specific currency, here is how.


DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?

DC Universe Online: Another Epic Fail?DC Universe Online was released not a long ago – January 11, 2011 – and whoever of the gaming press were going to write a review on it… well, they did. And such reputable sites like Giant Bomb and Eurogamer give it only 2’s and 3’s.  Giant Bomb blames it for monotonous and loose  fights, and Eurogamer  (behind blaming DC Universe Online for the same thing) also adds that the game at the same time still might be good if only patched and going free to play. Geeks of Doom compares the game with WoW and praises the character creation system, but gives the game only 3 out of 5 and complains that DC Universe Online needs more content and some error correction. This doesn’t looks all bright and shiny to me, but can’t say i’m really surprised, though, and i also highly doubt they’ll make it free to play anyway. By the way, while i’m on citing other reviews, check out 3_KILLA_BYTES DC Universe Online video review, it’s pretty cool (the video is behind the cut). (more…)

Earthrise: New Beta Video Released January, 2011

Earthrise: New Beta Video Released January, 2011Earthrise is a sandbox pay to play Sci-Fi PVP MMORPG by Masthead Studios that is currently going to be released in February, 2011. “Sandbox” in Earthrise’s description means that the game has no shards (just one big server), and the game world can be highly influenced by the players – like in Eve Online. So, a new video from the game’s currently ongoing closed beta has been released by Masthead Studios. (more…)

Alicia Online / Project Alice: New Screensaver Available!

Alicia Online / Project Alice: New Screensaver Available!Alicia Online (aka Project Alice) is a Korean fantasy horse racing game by NTreev– if you haven’t heard of it, check out the game’s video and the latest screenshots (i posted all of it some time ago). Now, for those who *had* head of Alicia Online here’s a little piece bit of information – no, it’s not about the current state of Alicia Online English release, sorry guys – but at least something new to entertain us while we’re waiting! According to @alicia_fan (official Alicia Online twitter feed) today NTreev had released Alicia Online screen saver! (more…)

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