Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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Off-Topic: Announcement here! :) (and some pics)

Off-Topic: Announcement here! :) (and some pics)Hello, just wanted to let everyone who are reading the blog but are not watching my twitter feed, that Chick Geek Games has *not* being abandoned or something. I’ve been progressing towards my graduation from the university i attend and at some point i just stopped having free time to write anything. Hell, i barely had time to finish my work… As of June 17 i passed my final graduation exam (yay for me!), the next big thing is the defense of my graduation project (the diploma) which will be at June 23. After that i expect to resume posting at somewhat steady pace, until i will have a vacation, if that is going to ever happen. …so, ugh, I’ve been mentioning that diploma of mine for months now, why would i be writing it for so long? (more…)

Off-Topic: Game of Throne Opening Video Is Super Cool!

Just a random off-topic intermission here. “The Game of Thrones” opening video does not ceases to amaze me by its sheer awesomeness. Whoever came up with the script of it should have a memorial build up in their fame.

I am huge fan of The Game of Thrones book series, the movie is turning out to be most perfect so far, and my next greatest dream is to play The Game of Thrones on PC. There’s a strategy game being made, did you knew that? Here’s a few screenshots: (more…)

Off-Topic: I’m going away on a short vacation, will resume posting after I’m back!

Hello everyone, here i have a little announcement: i will be away for a vacation roughly two weeks from now on. Well, technically, my plane is booked on April 21st and I’ll be back in 11 days, but i expect being too busy packing and unpacking to post anything consistent. So i beg your pardon on that :) Had a little too much pressure IRL, need a little rest while my graduation exams haven’t started, so I’m going to Egypt and hope to have some diving there. Meanwhile you can have a silly picture of me here – trying hard to point both eyes to my nose. Not really succeeded. Still hope it’s silly enough to at least make you grin :) (more…)

Off-Topic: Moving Along to Windows 7

Off-Topic: Moving Along to Windows 7I was pretty quiet lately and thus the blog suffered some lack of posting, for which I beg your pardon. As the beginning of new month is upon us, here’s some off-topic news, al always. Firstly, I’m busy with my Diploma, which is the main reason why I don’t have much time to write here. Secondly, I’ve got to migrate from WinXP to Win7 due to me getting a new computer, which is maddening in all implied senses you can think of. I am myself of those Win7 haters who’d happily strangle Win7 GUI’s developers, you see, and the only thing that lured me off my old WinXP was 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i7-2600. So I am in the beginning of a painful process of adjusting to a new OS, and Its Ribbon-infested UI makes me want to puke on Microsoft shoes. For the first time in my whole adult life i had a though like “maybe i should have had a Mac notebook instead?” so if there will be no more posts, know that i am gone stark raving mad. The only good thing besides my Photoshop loading in an eye’s flicker, is this new fancy Thermaltake Element G Miditower case:


ARGO Online: Alaplaya Is Seriously Fucked Up

ARGO Online: Alaplaya Is Seriously Fucked UpWell, I’m outraged. I want to smash things and make people bleed slowly and painfully by cutting them with a blunt spoon. Remember that ARGO Online Closed beta thing i was so cheerful about? Well, after getting a beta code, entering it, waiting for several months, being chosen for the beta i am BANNED from it because i choose “Russian Federation” country setting! They choose my account to participate in beta, but they won’t let me in because I’m from Russia!!!  Now i have to lie about my country of origin and nationality just to play some fucking game? How fucked up is that? Seriously? (more…)

Off-Topic: Chick Geek Games Blog News and Stats

Off-Topic: Chick Geek Games Blog News and StatsI’m writing this kind of posts from time to time, yes. Chick Geek Games blog has been online for almost 5 months (since 10/12/10) and generated 123 posts (not including this one – i like the number 123 and don’t want to spoil it :), which makes it roughly 25 posts per month. Also, since i started the blog i was adding all kinds of advertising, that’s not because i’m so greedy, it’s coz’ i’m on Advertising degree and i wanted to test these systems “live” and see how they work. This is why you can now see ProjectWonderful ad space down there, i used a lot of PW ads as a customer – to find cool stuff – but never been a publisher and curious how it works from the insides. If anyone wants to pick up that space, i can move it to a higher place in blog’s skin. Also, i have implemented Yandex.Metrica counter now to get more stats on which pages are getting how many hits – to understand better what my visitors are interested in (Blogger standard tools aren’t so good). I had to open every post i have made and manually insert a counter code in it %) But until the new counter gathers new data, here’s what we have on Blogger stats now: (more…)

Off-Topic: On My Influenza And Dancing President

Another off-topic here. Pardon me for the lack of new posts, i caught some very nasty influenza variation *for the second time* this year! Lucky me :( So i’m pretty much stuck in the bed with my netbook and iPad (the first one isn’t fit even for posting, not mentioning even browser-based games and the second one doesn’t offers anything cool for an online play), plus having a temperature up to 39’C/102,2F – i’m pretty much screwed here. While i’m not eligible for posting anything fancy, you can have a fun YouTube video I’ve stumbled upon here. (more…)

Off-Topic: Chick Geek Games Hits 100 Posts Milestone!

Off-Topic: Chick Geek Games Hits 100 Posts Milestone!Hello everyone, this is an off-topic post to mark that a first 100 posts have been published in Chick Geek Games blog! Yaay :P (Yes, when i’m saying “fresh online games blog” it really *does* mean it’s a fresh blog, less than 3 months old). I’m actually confused which one was #100, because Blogger “Edit posts” list shows 105 posts, and Blogger statistic at the same time says i have only 99 posts… But, nonetheless of that, this is an important number for me :) I really appreciate people reading what i write here, and i hope you’ll continue to do so and i’m on my side will continue to write stuff that is worth reading. And now, some blog statistics under the cut (not that i’m sure everyone is interested in it, rather i want to save it for myself here). (more…)

Off-topic: My Picture As Of Now

Today is a kind of a milestone – Chick Geek Games blog have attracted its first bile-spewing mindless troll, hurray to me!

To celebrate this occasion, you can have my most recent picture, it’s been taken last week, after i had this new haircut of mine. (more…)

My New Haircut :)

  While i’m not posting anything about online games you can check out my new haircut :) I’ve been told that i look like Morticia from Addams Family. Heh heh.
BTW, I’ll resume posting after a few more days, stay tuned :)

Check Geek Games Wishes A Happy New 2011 Year To Everyone!

Check Geek Games Wishes A Happy New 2011 Year To Everyone!

Thanks for reading, everyone, it really matters to me :)
Don’t know about your nation, but we Russians have a saying: “how you spend a year is how you meet it”. I wish everyone to meet the New Year healthy, happy and reading Chick Geek Games, so you’ll stay that way for the whole year – healthy, happy and still reading Chick Geek Games :)


Off-topic: Some Chick Geek Games Blog Stats And Info

Hello everyone, this is an off-topic post where i give out a new picture of me and also want to let you know about recent changes i have made to the blog, some statistics on how the things are going on here and what you can expect in a near future. First thing is that Chick Geek Games runs on Disqus and supports a “do-follow” tag in every blog comment :) Disqus had been working for some time now and pretty nicely too, but there are other things added as well, like a Google.Translate widget from today on. I have noticed that my blog has visitors from other countries that use Google.Translate, so I’ve made this easier for you, guys :) Now, on to the other news…

Ace Online: Early 2008 Advertisement Is A Copy Of Mazda MX-5 2007 Campaign? Pretty much…

Ace OnlineAlong with other stuff I’m currently playing Ace Online. It’s a free-to-play space shooter sci-fi pvp mmorpg – ship flying mechanics is a lot like the one in Freelancer, where you point where to fly and to shoot with a mouse and use keyboard for additional options. You may know this game under different names – Space Cowboy Online, Ace Online International, AirRivals or even Phi Doe (if you’re Vietnamese, that’s it :). Ace Online title came out re-released somewhere in 2008, so came the new ads for the game (i think it was before Suba Games got it). I find it amusing that the advertisement they used in 2008, for example, for Korean and Thailand versions is almost an exact copy of earlier Mazda MX-5 2007 campaign. I thought, I’d share with you the pics. (more…)

Chick Geek Games is 1 Month Old!

Chick Geek Games is one month old!When i wrote “a fresh online games blog” i really meant it’s *fresh*, because my first month of blogging just have finished. I want to thank every one of you for coming to read me and for subscribing to my blog :) It really matters. I know that sometimes i write a post and everyone is reading it, and sometimes there is a lack of “now, that’s interesting, i want to read it!” posts – things like that happen, but I’m determined to do my best and keep you people interested in Chick Geek Games :) Would be helpful, if you left a few comments, though. Okay, i’m here not to make you bored, so there’s some monthly statistics, but it’s behind the cut. (more…)

About me – Chick Geek Pics Revealed, Yay! :)

About Chick GeekThis is the page that i, probably, had to post several weeks ago, but i was unsure if this blog was going to make it past its first weeks. Like, i could get bored, or you would refuse to read it, whatever. As far as i know, there are people who follow Chick Geek Games and those who subscribed to my RSS, so i am sure someone read this :) I want to apologize to you, ladies and gentlemen, for staying in vain for so long. Because, i know how people think – who the hell are you and why should i keep reading this unknown person? The Internet is about connection between people, not about anonymity anymore. So, here’s “About me” page, meet me there and maybe we can be friend :) (Look me in the eyes, you feel sleepy.. lol :)


A wild Russian forest, yes!My name is Nina, i was born and still live in South region of Russian Federation (well, technically it was USSR back then, because i was born in 1985), between Azov and Black seas. If you, like many other Americans or Europeans think that Russia is a vast cold place, it is actually not, there are even palms growing in just a 6-hour-ride away from my place!

As i write this, i am 25 years old and I’ve been a gamer for almost my whole life. My dad worked with computers, so the first computer I’ve seen was an USSR clone of Apple, he brought it home back in 1989. In 1993 I’ve got my first own 286 PC, which was highly unnatural for a Russian kid, especially a girl. Since then i play games, practically, any games except for a sport-themed ones. I had 486, and then a whole assortment of different Pentiums. My hobbies away from PC are photography and diving. I like travelling, so both of these hobbies fit in nicely :)

Photography is one of my hobbies. But i like being photographed too! And don't look on the small camera in my hands, i moved to the big ones long ago!

Besides PC games i also owned a Chinese/Russian clone of NES and had a collection of several hundreds of cartridges – unfortunately, it was stolen from me in 1997. I had Sega MegaDrive (aka Sega Genesis), but i lost my collection of Sega games too (we had to sell it during our Russian “Great Depression” of 1998). Right now i own Wii (bought it just because of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 :), PS 2 (my husband’s unit), PS 3 and PSP. Online games came into my life relatively late, less than 6 years ago – i played Eve Online on dial-up in 2004, but it was too laggy, and ADSL started to appear only in 2005.

I have 1,5 high educations – first, Applied Informatics in Economics, that i did not finish because higher mathematics and relational database theory had totally beaten me in fluff and dust. But i know the basics of programming and algorithm theory. My second education is Advertising, (currently preparing to write a diploma work) and advertising these days is all about tricking people into thinking and doing something that the seller wants them to think and to do. A lot of this stuff i see implemented into games, and being a gamer i’m highly interested in finding ways to defend from all this shit they pour on us every day.

This is me :)

Trolls at blame me for “positioning myself like a female gamer is something rare, which is not”. Well now, a lot of girls in USA and Europe play games, write programs and administrate networks, it’s nothing unusual. But on this side of the world thing like that are very rare and in my society i’m considered like a total geek. When i studied programming, our group was full of girls, but no one of them owned a PC or knew that when you want to burn some files to CD, you have to burn the files and not their shortcuts – they just wanted to have a high education in their portfolios, it did not matter which one. Girls also rarely play online games, so i am a geek on every side here :) That’s why i chose this name for this blog.

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