Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthroughAlicia Online is a Korean fantasy horse racing, I’ve been posting about it a lot and it’s probably the most popular theme in this blog (at least, the one commented on most). It’s a cool game, but Alicia Online’s English version release date is unknown and because this game is Korean you can’t just register, download and play it right away. But, fear not! There is a way to register an account for Alicia Online to play it – even if you don’t have a Korean friend to do it for you! If you want to know, how to register an account for Alicia Online, this post is for you :)

I know people just love to miss stuff, so I’m writing this in BIG RED LETTERS for everyone to see.





The following info is from the old post and is now (Summer 2013) outdated:

First, to register you need a KSSN – Korean Social Security Number. How to find a KSSN i wrote in this post. Search for KSSN in Google or download a list of KSSNs from somewhere, just if you can’t find one right away – don’t get desperate, i spent more than an hour today to get one.

Open Alicia Online registration page from here. Use Internet Explorer to make sure everything will be working as it needs to be!

Mark every checkbox checked and press the button (this and the following screenshots can be viewed in higher resolution by clicking on them):

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

You will be taken to a page where you need to enter name and KSSN you have found.

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

NOTE: If KSSN is wrong or not valid, you will see either of these messages:

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthroughTip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

If everything is cool, you will be asked to confirm if you want to proceed:

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

Next step is to fill in your account data:

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

If everything is cool, you’ll end up with an account that not only will let you play in Alicia Online, but also all of the other GameTree products.

Tip’n’Tricks: How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

Tips&Tricks: How to download Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

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  • Juyu

    Someone got an account he/she isnt using anymore? I rlly want to play this :/

  • IDK.

    What’s a Ahyipin ID ?????????

  • Alison

    KSSN number? and 3?

  • denniz

    ya of 3 . Eror!!!!!

  • jasminXXgirl

    im stuck on step 3 please help really want to play this game D: been waiting for ages to play and cant get past this bit

    • Elthar

      unfortunately, you’re too late – last winter they changed the registration process so that it has to be confirmed over a korean phone number, unless you have that, you’re out of luck. as of now, it’s impossible to register a new account in Alicia without the help of a Korean person or without buying a pre-made account somewhere.

  • SrLoki

    If only the Koreans knew how much more time people in the U.S. spend on their butts compared to Koreans. They’d understand how much of a benefit releasing this game to the U.S. would be.

  • fsdfgfd

    hey !!
    do you know how can i get 13$ or korean phone number <– when i say number i mean on website like pinger .. what make me can't do it is ping only accept 5 digits ..

    • Elthar

      “website like pinger” wouldn’t work because to confirm Alicia account by phone, you would need a *phone* number that can receive messages. I don’t know if VoIP would work, Skype won’t accept messages, but I found this:

      as for “where i can get 13$” – because of the mere fact that you ask such a question, i’ll answer “ask your parents”.

  • Marya

    help me pls!!!! i want to playthis game but i can”t find a kssn and even if i find one,i can”t write their names…can someone help me??????????????PLS

  • Bridgette

    What does this say?

    • Bridgette

      Never mind, it’s hopeless. I don’t understand why they go to extremes when it comes to security, I’ve never seen a gaming site in America ask for anything as personal as your SSN. And yet they even go beyond that and ask for all your cellphone info too? That’s a bit much. The real security hazard is requiring that kind of information, leaving people like us who just want to play a great looking game to find and STEAL someone’s KSSN. They should accept it as a complement that people from all over the world are interested in playing their games to the extent that we’re willing to dive in blind with no knowledge of the language.

      • Bridgette

        Since they aren’t releasing it in English anytime soon, the least they could do was take down all the security measures and leave it open to the public…Have you ever considered writing them with that request?

        • Elthar

          It doesn’t works the way you think it is.

          In South Korea, there is a law issued by their government in mid-2000′s that requires all citizens to identify themselves over Internet, and requires all service providers to issue means for such identification. It’s not a matter of “want”, it’s a “must”: be it a banking service or an MMO or a forum, when someone needs to create an account, they must tie it to their real-life identity. Even if MMO developers wished to welcome players from all over the world into their games, they couldn’t do it without breaking the law, and that’s the reason why korean games require KSSNs.

          Right now there are debates in South Korea over this system, because obviously it feeds digital crime (which is a huge and ever growing problem in South Korea) – most companies store personal information to avoid needing customers to provide their KSSNs each time they login – and such databases are constantly hacked and stolen, with those KSSNs then floating all over the Internets.

          • Bridgette

            Did they just recently add a law about the cellphone information requirement then? Because now they ask for it so that they can text you a code to complete the registration. Which I don’t even know how to even begin getting that information.

            Also, did you at one point mention that a Pangya account will also work? Is Hangame part of the Pangya site? And is the Pangya registration the same as Gametree? If it’s not and there’s still hope, could you make a little tutorial about how to sign up? I could at least understand some of what was going on during my attempt at registration on Gametree with the help of Google Translate, but on Pangya, Google Translate doesn’t quite work.

          • Elthar

            I don’t think the cellphone verification is part of the law, it wasn’t there in the first place, probably they added it as an additional security measure. Another comment just below yours tells how to beat the phone verification, I don’t know if there’s any truth in it, let me know if you try that and it works. I don’t have a second KSSN to try to register another account, and on the one i have all the account slots had already been used by other people.

            Also, where did you got those ideas about Hangame and Pangya? You mixed everything together into a huge pile. Hangame has nothing to do with anything, it’s a gaming portal like western or somesorts.

            I never said Pangya account would work, but I remember writing about GameTree account. Pangya and Alicia are just two of many different projects by the same developer, there is a master GameTree account created from any of those game sites, it doesn’t matter which site is used for the process, it’s the same system in the end. After creating an account from Alicia website one could create characters in other games, too.

          • Bridgette

            Yea, I got super confused about Pangya and Hangame and all that after reading other sites and whatnot.

            I can’t see how you can get past the phone verification with just any Korean number because it asks for a service and a specific area code as well as a name. They ask for your cellphone information so they can text you a code that you receive to complete the registration.

  • jaevit

    I cant make an account on gametree :/ can’t use the kssn i got.

  • Alice

    GUYS! You CAN make an account with these new phone number rules. Just go to Google Translate, type in “pet store phone number” or “pizza phone number” or any random place, then use the translated Korean letters in Google. This way you can find random phone numbers. It DOES work, I’ve used it recently for my friend and she still plays with no problems.

    • Elthar

      hey, do you know if your friend is still able to play? aren’t they supposed to check the phone number eventually?

    • Bridgette

      How exactly does that work when they ask for a service provider, a special zip code, and a name and all that?

  • adhamito

    help me please

    • adhamito

      if u could help me i will really really appreciate help me how to register and download answer PLZZZ

      • Elthar

        you are commenting to the very guide on how to register, and there is another on how to download. what do you expect me to answer, to write you a personalised guide or something?

  • daamanda

    hey can anyone tell me what to do on stage 3 when I register myself on alicia.

    You may choose from three options:

    1 then it shows a picture of a cell phone.

    2 when it displays an image on a screen (I think).

    3 then it shows a picture of an information icon.

    which one should I take.? I usually take the mobile phone and it says that I must complete “statement as input” and “mobile number”.

    what should I write then?

  • Jezzie

    Can you make me an account? :/

  • Jezzie

    Can anyone make me an account?
    Please reply :)

    • Jezzie

      Or can someone give me unused account, plz?

      Plz reply quick. :)

  • Jezzie

    I really really want to play alicia online..

  • Jezzie

    Can someone make me an account in gametree,because i don´t unterstand korea…. Plz someboby help me! :(

  • Jezzie

    Can someone help me to register in alicia game? I must first register in gametree but i don´n know what this means:
    I don´t know what i must do… I´m stucked in step 3… -.- Please somebody help me! :(

    • Bridgette

      Choose the blue image, it’ll take you to where you need to check the boxes of 3 items, then click the left button at the bottom. It’ll take you to where you need to enter the KSSN you’ve found. Unfortunately, this is where I get stuck…

  • mikizz

    how did you dooo ? :(

  • Ellen

    I had an account but I had to change my password and forgot it. So I wanted to make a new account but the whole registration has changed. You don´t have to use an kssn anymore, but an email adress. And you have to verify after that. But I can´t figure that out, could you please make an walkthrough about registration again?

    • Elthar

      why can’t you just recover your password? i did that a couple of times

  • Sad little bird

    Why canno’t I make account? :( They changed everything and then I get stuck at step 3, I really wanna keep moving but they won’t let me. Can you make new guide what to do

    • Elthar

      i already have an account, can’t make another one

  • Tatiana xx

    Can some one plz help me!!! well the thing is i have already created the character and gave them my username and password ( step 1+2 ) and now they want my korean phone number and the trouble is that i am not from Korea so i cant move on to step 4 and play the game :( . PLEASE HELP ME I AM VERRY STUCK AND I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!

    • blueflybeary

      Same here.. i’m stuck at step 3 too.. TT

    • Kaala

      Yeah they changed everything up and now making an account if you are in America is next to impossible x-x

    • Jezzie

      You can not register now, because they block kssn… Only the korean people can make a account. :(

    • adhamito

      Me to anyone help us to play this game

  • EmmyPichu

    Hello, I am trying to sign up to Alicia and I recently encountered this problem. I can’t find a typed out version of this. Can someone please help me?

  • Fritz

    I’m trying to retreive my password as i forgot it but I don’t know what to do, I have two buttons to press, I don’t know what they say or do

    • Elthar

      of course it will sent password to the fake email, where else do you expect it to send it to? should have thought of recovering passwords before you used a fake email. either you remember the password or start a new account

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