Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


Alicia Online \ Project Alice: Current State Of An English Release (2010)

Alicia Online  Project Alice: Current State Of An English ReleaseAlicia Online (aka Project Alice) by GameTree is an online fantasy horse racing game currently getting ready to be released in Korea and I mentioned it in this post, where you can find game’s videos before. We – who joined its Korean beta or just saw the videos and loved the game – are all curious if this game is going to be released on English and when will that happen. I know from the statistics that many people come to this blog searching for Alicia Online English release news, and here i have some for you!

THIS POST IS OUTDATED, as of July 2011 i have got a never information about Alicia Online English release – proceed to this post
Alicia Online: News About English Release As Of July 2011 – Also, More New Screenshots!

Also, there is now a way to play Korean version of Alicia Online, if you’d like to know more – proceed to one of these posts:
How to register an account in a Korean game – finding KSSN (Korean Social Security Number)
How to register an account for Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough
How to download Alicia Online – step-by-step walkthrough

Alicia Online has an official Korean twitter account, where fresh game news are posted and fan questions being asked. I asked if they have plans to release the game on Western or Europe market (some of you who read my twitter may have seen that message on Korean), and I’ve got the following answer:

alicia_fan 말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤
ChickGeekGames 현재는 국내에 성공적인 런칭을 목표로 열심히 준비하고 있습니다. 국내 서비스가 안정화 되면 그 이 후 해외 진출을 생각해 볼 수 있을 것 같아요.^^ -GM각설탕-

“Currently we’re working hard on the most successful launch of the domestic version, which is a primary target now”, GM SugarCubes says, “After stabilizing the domestic service, i think we can consider overseas [service] after that”.

What does this mean to us?
A) There is no English version in the works, and it’s NOT going to be released anytime soon like “spring 2011”.
Because, there is a rumor that people keep repeating without citing any source: about Alicia Online being released on English “til’ the end of 2010 or early in 2011”, which is obviously not true.

B) There may be English version after Korean release, depending on how successful it turns out in Korea.

So cross your fingers, guys and girls, and sit tight!

Some Alicia Online screenshots in the meantime:

Alicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTree Alicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTree Alicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTreeAlicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTree

Alicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTreeAlicia Online (Project Alice) - online fantasy horse racing game by GameTree

  • Reeses101

    When r they gonna release it it’s 2014 and I’ve been waiting awhile:(

    • Elthar

      i’m sorry, the game was shut down 13 February 2014 :( it’s not coming out

  • pernille flowerlund

    :( wie melde ich mich an -.-??

  • pey

    i know

  • Korra

    umm, what about 2013? I’m in that place right now. I WANNA PLAY THAT GAME!!!
    its incredible

  • KiraLwolf

    2013 still waiting…

  • Amzy

    when will the English one be released? today i just discovered star stables and its really fun but i want to play Alicia too, it sound fun!

  • horses4ever&ever

    Can someone make me a acc for alica??

  • jademarie

    come on hurry up all of use have been waiting like for ever


    I agree right



  • kairosky

    i have played the Korean one and its good but there is bugs and the 2.0 one 2

  • equinuux

    i heard it would come out in 2014….

    • Huppeltrut


  • Hello!

    It’s almost 2013, and still no English Alicia online release! I think if a lot of people ask for the English version, they’ll take more thought into it. After all, it was very successful in Korea.

    • Huppeltrut

      i think there are more horse freaks in amerca and europe then in Korea

  • Aribiean

    come on make it english fast please

  • Darkwolfgoddess22

    i hope its true that the english verion is coming out on March 2012  bc i cant read what they r saying only bc i live in this time it better be true bc im getting very tired of waiting.i heard so many things about this game coming out with a english verion and i got happy and i tried to play it but…..-_- it was still the samething so hopeful my best friend from Korea is right i wouldnt blame her if she wasnt.

    • Elthar

      are you insane or do not know which year it is now?
      the game cannot be “coming out” in what is PAST

  • Eleninarli

    MAYBE THE ENGLISH VERSION GET READY IN MARCH 2012:D:D!!!!i hope for that version like you.i wait for this version since 2009.Since 2009 i trying to play it in korean language but i cant because of the language:(!!!!i hope to be realy that it will be already in March 2012:D!!!

  • Alexisnarlis

    maybe english version  will be already in March 2012:D:D!!i hope that is real,because i am waiting for this verion since 2009:(.i tried to download it and play it  in korean language,but i cant:(.i have one question.why they make this game from the  start  in korean language if they knew that 1.000.000 children from different cuntries they  want to play it and they cant beacause they dont know korean?they DONT THINK THAT?????.from the first time i see this game i wanted to play it and i couldnt because of the LANGUAGE!!!!please can be already in march?please please please…i hope to read my message the makers of the game

    • Elthar

      how would they know that? 
      as games are developed, a bunch of guys got together, raked some money in savings and investments, and made a game. it turned out to be somewhat popular, but could as well turned out to be unpopular at all, you can never guess

      and by the way, March 2012? really? have you been comatose for four months, because that’s how long it’s been since March

    • cat

      how you play the korean one
      i dont know where to start

  • Guest

    Doesn’t really work like that…

  • 1234

    As much as I would like to see an English release of this game, it’s ridiculous to say that ‘those Koreans’ need to step up their game. Not all games are produced for an international market and you can’t expect a company to put a large amount of money into a localisation that may not be rewarding for them. It’s just business.

    • Amzy

      you know its not just Americans who might be waiting, it could also be other English folks but its pretty sad u guys have been waiting that long. I know how about while you guys wait play star stables! Its a horse game and kinda like Alicia only not fantasy

  • darkwolfgoddess22

    -sigh- its already 2012 and still no english verion i dont want to wait any more when will they come out with engilsh verion cant they understand that alot of ppl out of their own country want to play this game?hell i tried to teach myself how to read korean that didnt even go well at all.and why would they need kssn i mean  really why cant they have to the point were other games have it because what if kids under 18 want to play it?just plz come out with a english version plz T.T

    • Elthar

      >and why would they need kssn
      South Korea has a law that forces all MMO providers to tie up accounts with person’s real identity, so that government can tax any income made from selling virtual good (i.e. if someone is selling in-game money or items for real money). That’s the reason why they need KSSNs and why they can’t open their games to non-Koreans. Kids under 18 have their own KSSNs of course, it’s a Social Security number – everyone has one

  • InkWolf

    Its like the best game ever! 
    Horses+ Totally Awesome graphics+ Anime/Manga Characters+Super Awesome game= A horse lover dream come true.  Except that the dream was broken because of the horrible fact that this game is only in Korean, wouldn’t really mind that, the trouble is the KSSN or whatever, AND that these people don’t seem to be planning on making this game of multiple languages any soon this year and its like IM FREAKING TIRED OF WAITING. I don’t mind those characters talking Korean, they could at least just translate the damn words! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. v3v

  • Person

    I just heard of this game and want to play it so badly but I can’t understand Japanese :/ I’d probably hit all the wrong buttons and screw it up. MAKE AN ENGLISH VERSION PLEASE!

    • Elthar

      the currently accessible version is in Korean, and there’s no need to know the language unless you want to read quest descriptions

  • Kksweetroxy


  • Ashleyn Couch

    Looks like Anime and horses….they make a good combo :> Alicia Online Must be Released in English :D hope it is >.<!!!!!

  • Mikhannah

    mee toooo!!!! :P

  • Mikhannah

    is the any news about the english relise sorry for my bad english :3 im from sweden :D

  • Jasminedoglove

    i neeeeeed help i cant find out how to make a account or even get to the page can if some one can help it would be sooo great thx

  • Breyercabral

    right i agree

    • Mikhannah

      mee toooo!!!! :P

  • AliciaGeekChick

    one word: English

  • Mari Mackova

    jak to mam stahnout poradte pls

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