Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


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Final Fantasy XIV: The Lodestone – Future Update Details Released

Final Fantasy XIV The lodestoneSquare Enix released today a comprehensive list of the upcoming updates, that are “currently in the final stages of development, and we are optimistic that they will be implemented in the version updates of November, December, and early 2011. Beyond those listed here, there are still numerous other features being planned. More information on these will be released in the future as details become available”. I also liked this line pretty much: “We hope that you continue to enjoy your time in Eorzea, and promise that things will only be getting better!”. Well now, that seem to be true, because they can’t get any worse! By the way, GamersMint named this game in their “Most Horrible Games of 2010 that you should never play” list. (more…)

Know-How: Game Design and Player Manipulation – Part 2

Know-How: Game design and player manipulationWe’re back on track with the “Know-How” business – last time i was talking about why people play online games so much. In the previous part i spoke of a Skinner Box, the basics of behavioral psychology and how the hell all of this has in common with the game design. This time I’m going to tell you about some more sophisticated tricks in game design that make you want to play a game so bad, that you often find yourself sitting at your PC in the morning, after a sleepless week-end night. (more…)

Alicia Online \ Project Alice: Fantasy Horse Racing

One of these Korean games I’d give anything to play. No, really…

See the gameplay video behind the cut.

Square Enix: Save Our Souls, Please! FFXIV Possible Going Free To Play

I’m sure writing a lot of posts on this game lately! Like, I wrote just two days ago that Square Enix is really suspecting something, because their sales and earning are going down, and not long before that i wrote that FFXIV audience is going down very swiftly. Square Enix sales went down from 90,561 million last year to 68,956 for the same period of this year, and FFXIV audience went down from 44,000 to 36,000 according to October data. Yoichi Wada admitted FFXIV being “unpopular” and stated that Square Enix is working hard to making FFXIV “more satisfactory”. And today came the news on how exactly SE is working on that – FFXIV possible may go Free2Play to change the game’s current embarrassing situation. I’d say, they should go further and make it PayMe2PlayIt. (more…)

Perpetuum Online: Announced To Launch At 25th of November

Perpetuum Online: Announced To Launch At 25th of NovemberAvatar Creations Ltd. announced today that their new Sci-Fi MMORPG Perpetuum Online will be launched at November, 25th, with early access subscriptions available prior to that point. Also, open beta starts in a few days to be finished at 16th of November. Perpetuum Online was in development for five years and in beta testing for eighteen months. The game world is based in an alien planet called Nia, the planet is being explored by players from Earth with huge remotely-controlled robots. Would this MMORPG be anything like Eve Online? It’s said to be running on an unsharded world, just like Eve does, and the interface screenshots show that Perpetuum’s GUI looks a lot like Eve’s. (more…)

The Story Of One Of The Geekiest Thing I’ve Committed Upon My PC’s Hardware In My Whole Life

The Story Of One Of The Geekiest Thing I’ve Committed Upon My PC’s Hardware In My Whole LifeIt’s the one of those “off-topic” posts. I believe that you, the reader of this blog, may want to know whom exactly you are reading here. And why did i used a “geek” word in my blog’s names? “Geek” has a meaning as “a person with an unusual or odd personality”. For sure i had that trait since being a small kid. It’s very likely that if I’d lived in a city bigger than mine – with more opportunities to buy stuff – i would have been an experienced programmer by now. But i grew up in small a city where we even had no place to buy computer games so I’ve got new CDs only when my dad went on a business trip several hundred kilometers away, to some bigger city. When i entered the institute (equals to USA “college”) and moved – that’s when I’ve got real freedom to do computer-related stuff. And this is a story of one of the geekiest things in my whole life that I’ve committed upon my PC’s hardware at that time :) (more…)

Rift: Planes Of Telara – New Developer’s Diary Released

In this new video Yannis Brown (Audio Director) and Inon Zur (Composer) talk about the process of creating Rift: Planes of Telara soundtrack score and discuss how the direction of their creative process was inspired by the game’s world.

Rift: Planes of Telara (formerly Heroes of Telara) is a fantasy MMORPG by Trion Worlds (also known as Trion World Network). It’s set in a world that is constantly torn by dimensional rifts, which are playing important role in the game’s dynamic events system (an unique one for this game). Using this system both developers and players of the game can trigger key events that would significantly influence the game’s world – from small events to a scale where the game’s landscape itself would be altered or a new area opened.

No release date has been given yet, but the game is estimated to be released somewhere in 2011.

Eve Online: Trying To Lure Old Players Back Into The Game

Eve OnlineEVE Online is a sci-fi spaceship-themed MMORPG by CCP Games, famous for running on just one enormous clustered server, and soon EVE’s 14th free expansion is coming out. So CCP wants you back! If you ever played EVE Online, that’s it. I’ve started playing it around 2005, so they keep spamming me with new offers all the time… Anyway, today CCP starts another of their “come back, we are white and fluffy now!” – returning players get 5 days of free game time to see if CCP is really all white and fluffy now. The offer stands until November 21st and those who used it also get a discounted 60 days subscription price. Funny how they made it up to 60 days for $19.95 now, old “returning campaigns” were supplied with a discount for 30 days subscription ($9.95 or something like that). (more…)

Tips and Tricks: Setting Up A Custom UI In LotRO

A short tutorial video on how to set up a custom user interface in Lord of the Rings Online.

To see the text better open the video to full-screen mode.

This is my first video posted here. Sorry, no sound  – i’m not sure my Russian accent would make my speech understandable for everyone. So I’ll just stick with notepad for now :) Maybe i should have added some music the background, what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?

Famous Fails: Lineage 2 Review

Famous Fails: Lineage 2 ReviewSome of you probably picking up stones to throw at me right now… or maybe not. I have a long story related to this game. I remember when Lineage II was going to be released, everyone i knew were crazy about it, we would cut its concept-art pictures for avatars, but i couldn’t get it to play – i had a dial-up back then and would spend a month downloading 200mb file so i had to wait several years until i could try it. A friend of mine burned it on several CDs and shipped to me over 1000+km, i still had dial-up and had no credit card so i went to play on some free Russian shard. I thought it was broken, because it was extremely buggy and had almost no quests, so i dropped it. Five years had passed and many Lineage II chronicles had been released since then, and i came back to official Lineage 2 servers to see what this game was really about. I really shouldn’t have done that, because this game, no matter for how long it stays alive, is pure FAIL. (more…)

They’re Really Suspecting Something! Square Enix Sales and Earnings Are Going Down

They’re Really Suspecting Something! Square Enix Sales and Earnings Are Going DownI wrote earlier this week that that FFXIV audience is literally running away according to October statistics. More news came on that topic this week: a few days ago Square Enix provided the data on their sales, and it indicates a major drop in last six months. The sales were down to 68,956 million yen from 90,561 million of the same period a year ago. Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada admitted that Final Fantasy XIV is actually “unpopular” and that the game being “not of satisfactory condition, but improving at rapid pace”. He also stated that he think if FFXIV would satisfy its users fast, they will return, but on the other hand, when people are already out, it’s hard next to impossible to restore their confidence in the game. Well, yes, I’m not going back to play this game no matter how loud Wada cries “we’ll fix everything, come back soon!”. (more…)

Star Wars: The Old Republic – First PVP Gameplay Trailer

The World of Warcraft really should start getting nervous, considering the amount of SW fans out there.

I don’t think i have to tell you what this game is about. In case you forgot – it’s made by Bioware and currently the release date is currently unknown, supposedly somewhere in 2011, and this is the first PVP video that is released for SW:TOR.

Dreamland Online: Alpha Test Keys Giveaway

Dreamland Online: Alpha Test Keys GiveawayDreamland Online is a free to play PVP fantasy MMORPG made by IGG and is going to be released sometime in 2010. The game’s client is only 300mb large, so the graphics at best look like it’s made on flash, but that is compensated (up to a point) by the bright, colorful cartoonish style of the visuals (see the gameplay video under “read more”). The selling point of Dreamland Online is that it has an elaborate pet system, which should allow pets to assist players with quests and PVP. If you’re into that kind of games, good news for you: less than 10 hours ago began the game’s alpha test key giveaway and you can grab a key on a number of MMO sites, like here for example.


Hidden Pearls: Caesary Review

Hidden Pearls: Caesary ReviewCaesary is a browser-based free to play PvP MMORTS with RPG elements by Heroica Era LTD. / LeKool (released in 2010), based in a historical setting where you play as a Roman Empire consul and have to develop your own city (or cities). It looks a lot like Evony/Civony clone, but doesn’t rips off other game’s graphic assets and is much more reliable than said games. I have been playing Caesary for more than two months now and find it an interesting game, so i want to share with you my thought on why this game is worth trying. (more…)

FireFall: First Game Play Trailer Released

FireFall is an upcoming MMOFPS by Red5 Studios, who describe the game as a “team-based action shooter”. It combines fast-paced combat, RPG elements like character progression and MMO elements like playing with hundreds of other players and competition-driven things like ladders and tournaments.

This is the trailer that Red5 Studios had shown at DigiChina in Beijing, and it shows a lot of things: combat, inventory, customizable weapons and shields, equipment management and massive battles between aliens and humans. And the music, the music! At least these guys know how to compose a good score!

FireFall is supposed to be released at the end of 2011, and until then we can sign up for beta at the game’s website.

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