Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Alicia Online: Step-by-step guide on how to run it on Windows 7 Professional / Windows 7 Home using Vistalizator

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Cat Cosplay Made Out of Grapefruit – There are more pics than everyone thought!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!

Best Cat Cosplay Ever!


MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever… For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!MapleStory is a fantasy MMO by Wized Corporation/Nexon (released back in 2005) that is “free to play” i.e. cash shop based, with 2d graphics (yes! it’s two-dimensional!), no PVP at all and one of the worst grinding games out there. I don’t know why people play 2d games at all, but if you want to check this game out – i warn you, read this review first. I’m not going to go into much details about skills, classes and stuff – i’m going to write an honest opinion of what this game is in general.

First off, this is game’s target audience are kids and young teenagers, but there are a lot of adults who play it, so the player base is mixed. And, well, MapleStory has some nice points in it, like a bright graphics (i don’t like 2d games at all, but the images alone look good for a 2d game) and ability to play for a long time without spending money, and it might be fun if you have real-life friends or family members playing with you – the game has a big social backup and can work just like a big shiny chat room for you and your friends with occasionally made raids to kill some mobs together. But, if you want to play, not just chat, be careful then.

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever... For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!This game is a grind feast, one of the worst in the whole market (i think only Lineage2 and maybe Silkroad Online are worse that MapleStory). There are quests, yes, but after the first impression of “yay, i play a new game, and it’s shiiiiny!” wears off, you’re faced against grind. There’s no way to reach high levels without losing your sanity or paying someone to play instead of you, or, i don’t know, putting a brick on your “attack” button while you go to sleep. Also, MapleStory is easy to hack.

And, taking into account both of these facts, surprise-surprise! there are so many people

who cheat in this game, it’s hard to tell who actually doesn’t – there is no way you can reach lvl150+ without hacking the game. What are MapleStory GMs doing about that? I don’t know, maybe they’re drinking or smoking some pot… They don’t usually give a crap about people cheating, and even if they do once in a while, the cheaters just come back and that’s all. There are some events held by GMs periodically, but they are just the same, repeated all over and over. And about the support from GMs, if you run into a problem, drop any hopes about GMs helping you, it’s not going to happen.

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever... For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!What kind of community MapleStory has, along with such “helpful” and “caring” Game Masters? Oh, it’s even better! The community is the worst thing about this game, beside the grinding part. Most of the people you may see around treat each other like enemies, and if you have just started playing, you better lay low and don’t call any attention. People won’t help a newbie like they may in other games, if you asked for a direction they’ll probably pretend you don’t exist at all. Many people will certainly try to rip you off, scam you or at least try to make your MapleStory life miserable. Why? Oh, well, have you forgot i told you everyone are cheaters in this game – what would you expect from someone who hacks into an mmo game?

But i must admit things like that mostly happen in towns, when you’re out in the wild people would follow you and pick up whatever monster drops you had, leaving you with nothing to sell. There’s no PVP, remember, you can’t do anything about ninja-looters in this game! If you’re training on a map alone, and someone came by, chances are they’ll stay just to harass you – to kill your mobs before you do and get all the drop – magicians and thieves love to do that as they are fast DPS classes.
MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever... For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!But that’s not the end of it – if you happen to come by someone else’s map and they don’t like it, expect even more harassment. You’ll probably get stalked, many people think annoying others is very fun. You may also get a reaction like “OMG YOU FUCKING NOOB THIS IS MY MAP” out of nowhere. Speaking about reactions, there are some people who pretend they are GMs when they are not, and others would swear at you, stating they’ll ask their friend/family GM to bad you (i assume, this is where MapleStory’s target audience shows – angry stupid kids).

There are decent people, of course, like in even game, but they are not nearly a majority in MapleStory, and if you don’t know anyone already, it may be really hard to find someone normal to play with (on a side note: don’t add strangers just to fill up your “family” slots, you may get into a lot of trouble with the wrong people).

Now, the cash shop. There are a lot of things Nexon forces you to pay for, during the events  or just as a part of game play (like, there’s a magic-based class that you can only buy for cash), and if you’re bad at controlling yourself with the money stuff, just don’t start buying anything, because it’s very easy to spent in this game. Stuff you buy isn’t permanent, and all the clothes and other nice stuff you’ve bought for cash will expire after some time, and you’ll
MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever... For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!have to pay again. Some people end up spending like $400 or more per month. There are ways to get cash shop money without paying for them, but these ways are few and may not work for every country. Oh, and MapleStory gold-selling market is one of the most noticeable i guess, because every time i type “MapleStory” into Google there are pages after pages with “buy MapleStory mesos” headers on them.

A few words about graphics and music overall. As i said above, for a 2d game graphics are pretty well done, but to actually look good you’d need to buy cosmetic stuff and, like i said, it will expire in time. Towns and character images are somewhat limited, so if you played for some time, the game starts to look dull and repetitive – platforms, benches, etc. are all the same, just arranged differently. Characters look nice, but to get what you want you’d need to pay for the cosmetics. The music is much more worse than the visuals are. I’m not sure, but it sounds like it’s made for really small kids – such a little innocent music that drives adults mad after some time. You might as well turn it off and put on your own playlist, than listen to MapleStory music.

MapleStory Review: The Best Game Ever... For Cheaters & Grind-lovers!Oh, and i forgot to mention MapleStory’s storyline! Well, that’s probably because there’s no story for MapleStory! Fun, isn’t? The name of this game alone suggests some plot going on, but no, they just took it off the ceiling. Pretty ironic, if you ask me. There are stories such as “Evan being dragon masters” and “Aran being a hero who fought the black mage”, but what about Adventurers, Cygnus? There’s nothing, no story going on – just the repetitive grinding for XP points and showing off “look, i’m cooler than you!” to the people who are lover on level than you. In the middle of 2010 it was reported to lag horrible on some servers, but i don’t know if this has been fixed now or still poses a problem.For me MapleStory totally sucks!

So, overall – this game is full of cheaters and also full of grind to say the least, its community is a very bad and unhelpful one, there’s no storyline and practically nothing much to do besides training and grinding to get on the top players list. If you have friends who play MapleStory and you’re not afraid of grinding yourself, you might still try playing it – just keep away from the community.

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